In Tehran, "the people are ready" to face the American "enemy"


Tehran – In a street of Tehran, a crowd chants the usual slogans against the United States, "enemy" number one of Iran: for these faithful of the Islamic Republic, their country is ready to confront Washington if the warlike rhetoric is continues.

"Today, the message relayed from Tehran to the world is that the Iranian people, as usual, are ready", defiantly launches Mohammad, come to honor in the center of the Iranian capital"150 martyrs"fallen during the Iran-Iraq war or in Syria.

"Without a doubt today, our strength is such that no one dares to clash with her or attack her", assures this forty-year-old, reacting to the latest martial statements of US President Donald Trump.

The long-term crisis that has characterized relations between the United States and the Islamic Republic for the last 40 years has been experiencing a new bout of fever since the beginning of a military escalation in the Gulf region, and especially since the Iran shot down an American drone on June 20th.

In these extreme circumstances causing fear of a blaze at any time, the US President Donald Trump Wednesday raised the possibility of a short war against Tehran, potentially devastating.

"We are in a very strong position, and it would not last very long, I can tell you", assured Mr. Trump on the Fox Business Network television channel."And I do not talk about ground troops", he added.

On this first day of extended weekend, the crowd gathered on Enghelab Street ("Revolution"in Persian) chants the usual slogans of"Death to America","In Israel down".

Men in shirtsleeves and women in black chadors de rigueur sport gladiolas, white, red or pink, as well as portraits of the Iranian supreme guide, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

– "Perseverance and resistance"-

"Whenever an Iranian feels that his homeland, his family, or his honor is threatened, endangered, violated, he is listening to the Guide, willing and ready to intervene with force and rigor", assures Hamid, retired teacher.

The crowd gathered at 9:30 am (0500 GMT), under a sun already overwhelming, in front of the University of Tehran around mobile marquees erected to expose the coffins "loyal companions"dead for Iran.

Wrapped in several Iranian flags the parallelepipeds are erected in pyramids, guarded by soldiers of the national army or Revolutionary Guards, the ideological army of the Islamic Republic, in ceremonial uniform.

Without giving a precise figure, the state television speaks of a "huge crowd".

The Iran-Iraq war (1980-1988) may have ended more than thirty years ago, Iran regularly organizes funerals for soldiers whose remains are either returned by Iraq or discovered in areas fighting, which took place mainly in Iran.

According to the Iranian press, coffins exposed to the devotion of the mob contained the remains or remains of 148 soldiers who fell during the Iran-Iraq war, of which only 35 were identified, and two of them.defenders of holy places"as are called"volunteers"gone to fight in Syria, where Iran is providing military support to leader Bashar al-Assad.

"It is our duty to listen to these messages of greatness, perseverance and resistance that awaken in us the sense of responsibility", said the crowd Ebrahim Raisi, head of the Judicial Authority, referring to"wills"written by the soldiers before going into battle.

– "Blessed hand"-

"We will revitalize ourselves with the blood of martyrs. It is this blood that has watered and watered the great fertile tree of the Islamic Revolution"he says.

Returning to the incident of the US drone –abouttu Teheran after he violated Iran's airspace, which Washington contests– Mr. Raissi says: "The blessed hand that attacked the US drone confirmed that to resist the enemy the Islamic Republic has no hesitation."

"The Islamic Republic recognizes America as the main enemy to the Zionist regime (Israel, Ed) and, with all its might, is able to bring them to repentance", Mr. Raisi again launches before the funeral procession moves to"Meraj al-Shohada"("Ascension of the martyrs"), a place of memory of the center of the capital.

In the crowd forming bodies around the funerary capitals towed by trucks, one seeks to approach, which to launch a flower, which to touch the coffins.

Women cry and men fight their chests.

In the last meters, the coffins are carried at arm's length. They are to be buried in 17 provinces of Iran Saturday, holiday in memory of one of the greatest imams venerated by the Twelver Shiites.


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