In the absence of Dark Souls 4, the best modders of the original are grouped together to create their own sequel: Nightfall

After the great Daughters of Ash mod, a new map and more visceral battles await us.

At the beginning of last year, in 3DJuegos we brought a news talking about the at that time just released mod Daughters of Ash, which has become one of the best downloads in the community of Dark Souls– Includes new bosses, items, and puzzles of all kinds created from discarded material from the original. But now, its creator (Grimrukh) has embarked on an even greater adventure in the company of other modders known.

His new project is called Nightfall, and more than expanding or improving the first Dark Souls, what it brings to the table is a full sequel based on the development resources of FromSoftware’s work. That is, your new map it will have modified versions of existing areas and completely different ones that use known development resources; the story will respect the official background of the series, and the enemies will be highly modified versions of the opponents that we already know both visually and mechanically. There will appear, yes, new NPCs with their own voice actors as long as they match the realities of development.

Combat, enemies and mapping will be based on development resources from the original Dark Souls One of the most interesting points to read is that the combat It will also be different: it is, again, a heavily modified version of the system implemented in the original Dark Souls and faster. Under these lines, Meowmaritus – another of the modders involved in the project – briefly shows the rhythm combat on an NPC whose AI has not yet been fully honed. It is, in effect, a new version of the silver knight that we find in Anor Londo.

The Web of Nightfall does not show any kind of commitment to release dates, which is easily understandable if we take into account the magnitude and conditions we are talking about, but it does include that those involved have been putting the game in order throughout 2020 and that this time they will have real ‘playtesters’ to make sure the content is not thrown completely broken. Meanwhile, FromSoftware has us waiting for news on Elden Ring.

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