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In the “All Stars” match – 16 S.Curry three-pointers and a victorious throw of L.James

LeBron James’ team won an impressive victory in the All-Star match.

In a game in Cleveland, she scored 163:160 (47:45, 46:49, 45:45, 25:21) broke down Kevin Durant’s team.

The winners were led by Stephen Curry, who scored as many as 50 points.

Auckland’s Warriors star scored as many as 16 three-pointers out of 27 and became the MVP of the match. He hit a few throws from almost half of the court, and there were throws where he looked little at the basket.

So many three-pointers in the NBA have not scored a single basketball player so far. Meanwhile, the defender was two points short of the All-Star record for Anthony Davis.

The decisive word at the end of the match was said by L. James, whose throw determined the victory of the team.

LeBron James’ team won the fifth All-Star game in a row.

The Los Angeles Lakers star scored 24 points and Giannis Antetokounmpo scored 30 points.

James almost burst out laughing before the match, when Macy Gray originally performed the US national anthem.

Joel Embiid scored 36 points for the losers.

In the changeable match, both teams played point to point. The leading team changed 10 times and no club had an advantage of more than 9 points.

The Europeans of LeBron James’ team were not noticeable. Nikola Jokičius scored 10 points, Luka Dončičius scored 8 points.

L.James’ team: Stephen Curry 50 (16/27 Trit.), Giannis Antetocounmpo 30 (Rev. 12), LeBron James 24 (Rev. 8), Darius Garland 13, Jarrett Allen (Rev. 9), DeMar DeRozan, and Nikola Jokičius (9 recalls, 8 res.) After 10, Luka Dončičius 8.

K. Duranto commands: Joel Embid 36 (10th ed.), Devin Booker 20 (5th ed.), LaMelo Ball 18, Dejounte Murray 17 (5th ed.), Trae Young 13 ed.), Zach LaVine 12, Andrew Wiggins 10, Karl-Anthony Towns 9 (Rev. 6), Jayson Tatum 8.

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