In the east of Slovakia, they make dog killers because of lard

In the village of Chminianske Jakubovany in the district of Prešov, a tripod is prepared as in a normal slaughterhouse. When the television arrived, everything was ready to kill the dog. The police, who came to the local settlement with the television, prevented his killing. However, she found several skeletons and remains of killed dogs in the area.

The locals talk about dog killers quite openly and claim that because of them there are very few dogs in the area and they have to steal them around Poprad and Levoča. “It’s not easy to get a dog that has enough fat. When it’s thin, you can’t make lard out of it, “say the settlers, who claim that there are plenty of customers, not only in Slovakia.

A bottle of dog lard is sold from 30 to 50 euros (800 to 1330 crowns). In addition to Slovakia, dog fat is allegedly also sold in Great Britain. “Five to six seven-liter bottles can be boiled from one dog. It’s pure lard, “says one of the settlers.

Jozef Bíreš from the state veterinary administration pointed out that such conduct is clearly defined as a criminal offense.

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