In the future, a fine of up to 50 euros will be imposed for not using a face mask

On Friday, November 20, amendments to the Covid-19 Infection Control Law will come into force, which stipulates that failure to use masks in public places will be punishable by a fine of up to 50 euros.

During the state of emergency declared in Latvia, DELFI publications on the new coronavirus disease Covid-19 are available free of charge.


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The law stipulates that from Friday it will be possible to apply a warning or a fine of up to 50 euros for not using a face mask.

The law also stipulates that the state, through local governments, will provide mouth and nose covers for vulnerable persons from November 20.

It should be recalled that at the end of October, when considering amendments to the law at first reading, a number of opposition members sharply criticized the intention to penalize the use of mouth and nose masks without providing assistance to vulnerable groups who have difficulty purchasing masks. Representatives of the ruling coalition also acknowledged that for the second reading it is necessary to provide in the law for the provision of mouth and nose masks to vulnerable groups of the society.

Consequently, in the final reading, the draft law was supplemented with an article that local governments transfer personal protective equipment and medical devices procured by the state to certain groups of natural persons free of charge in order to limit the spread of Covid-19 infection.

The decision regarding the alienation of personal protective equipment and medical devices shall be made by the decision-making body of the relevant local government, without ascertaining the need of a public person or its institutions for it. Cabinet of Ministers will determine the group of persons, as well as the amount of personal protective equipment and medical devices to be transferred to the person.

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This proposal was approved by the Saeima without any objections. This was also one of the conditions for the opposition to support the adoption of these amendments.

It has been announced that personal protective equipment will be distributed to local governments – hygienic face masks intended for vulnerable persons, the State Fire and Rescue Service has previously informed (VUGD).

The SFRS has compiled the information submitted by the supply coordinators of the Civil Protection Commissions (CAC) of 36 co – operation territories and Ministry of Welfare information regarding the number of hygienic face masks required by local governments.

The request for the issuance of more than 114,000 hygienic face masks has been sent to the State Defense Military Facilities and Procurement Center (VAMOIC), which organizes the issuance of hygienic face masks to supply coordinators appointed by the CAC, who will pass them on to the criteria and procedures have granted the status of a needy person or a low-income person, as well as persons who are entitled to receive the services of a night shelter, shelter or home care or the services of a day care center, day center or crisis center.

It is planned that the first hygienic face masks could reach vulnerable people from November 16 to 20.

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