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In the Hopp case there is a lot of confusion TIME ONLINE

by drbyos

Who played how against whom?

Schalke 04 bagged most of the hearts by far, we suspect out of pity.

Which game should you not miss?

Augsburg against Gladbach, a lively 2: 3, in which a man made a name for himself, who belongs to a rare, very specific player species: Lars Stindl’s name is hardly mentioned when it comes to the big stars of the league, he directs his team’s game, however, is always so knowledgeable and his team wins points so reliably that he is the favorite of pretty much every coach. Stindl cleverly prepared the first goal, he made the second and third himself, even revealing a talent for undreamt-of moves on the last goal by wrapping himself around his opponent like a human parcel tape. After the game, Stindl said that his wife had reported directly via SMS. She no longer knew that he, her 31-year-old husband, was still so agile. Now the jointless Stindl and Gladbacher are looking forward to the top game against BVB next weekend.

Which game could you miss with a clear conscience?

Mainz against Paderborn. If it continues like this, SC Paderborn will soon miss a lot of Bundesliga games. After the 0-2 in Mainz, Steffen Baumgart’s team confidently settles at the bottom of the table. This is slightly tragic because the East Westphalia are always brave and try to play football as the bottom of the table instead of defeating football like some of their competitors in the relegation battle. They are only the poorer team in very few games, but they rarely win – because they fail to use the crucial moments of a game for themselves. After all, the Paderborn people are pleasantly relaxed and do not start discussing the trainer or doing similar nonsense. They know that they are no more than they are: the club with the clearly lowest market value in the league.

Who was the focus?

Alexander Nübel. The Schalke goalkeeper seemed to have already caught a moderately challenging shot from Cologne’s Florian Kainz, so he reached for it twice and managed the feat of first hitting the ball like a hot potato through his legs and then just over his own goal line. It was already 0: 3 from Schalke’s point of view, but from then on Nübel not only had to listen to the mockery of the Cologne fans, but, a thousand times worse, also the abuse of his own. The Schalke fans resent Nübel that he has already signed with Bayern and is probably there voluntarily sitting behind Manuel Neuer on the bench, instead of Schalke 04 in the Europa League, Champions League, for world domination or whatever they dream of in Gelsenkirchen , respectively. But the trend is not a friend of Schalke: just one win in the seven games of the second half of the season. And next comes Bayern in the cup.


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