In the netherlands, a university has decided to hire only women

At Eindhoven university of technology has taken radical measures to combat gender inequality by not engaging women. Students of French will be there-it sensitive ?

The university of technology of Eindhoven (theUTE), in the netherlands, only hires women. An original characteristic that appeals to students and which gives value to this school, according to an article in the british daily The Guardian.

A few years ago, this university had only 15 % of women in its academic staff. A typical trend, since according to the european Commission, women represent 48 % of the graduates, and only 24 % higher university positions. It is for this reason that theUTE has decided to act, and in a radical way. The Dutch university has created a program that consists of only hiring women. New vacancies are closed to men in the first six months, and are then open, but only if the university can prove that no qualified woman was available for this position. The objective is to move to 30 % of women in each department of the school, and only women will be initiated until it is reached. Thanks to this technique, theUTE has already risen from 15% to 25% of women in the last year. It is the first university to adopt measures as drastic for gender equality. And it does not stop there, it also provides benefits and support to the women whom she hired : schedules, flexible childcare service on campus, sports facilities on the campus…

However, this measure was not unanimous. Already within the university, one-third of the teaching staff opposed it. Then, the netherlands Institute of human rights was seized for discrimination ; a judgment must be issued in July. But within students, this new approach has been well received : “This is really something that students are looking for in a school today, because everyone brings a different look. Teachers who come from different backgrounds allow problems and diverse stories to be shared”says Sara, a professor at the university of Bath. And, according to The Guardiansuch measures have the merit of making things happen. Because the discrimination and disparities are still too present and important in the academic world as in other areas. In general, academics are women or from ethnic minorities earn less than their male counterparts and white are assigned to more part-time and precarious contracts. 91 % of university professors are white, 74,5% are male, 96.9 per cent of non-disabled people.

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