«In the series there are too many handsome men and that brings me out»


Together with his partner, Nuria Roca, he had signed novels such as 'For Ana, your dead' and 'The inevitable of love', until in 2017 he debuted alone with 'It seems lie'. With 'Candela' he received the Primavera prize this year. For four years he directed and co-presented 'The best that can happen to you', in Melodía FM. He is currently a screenwriter for 'El Hormiguero'. Come by here to discover your seriéfilos tastes.

He is accused of serialism, do you plead guilty or innocent?

– I like series, but I do not know if I would call serialadicto. What is true is that I always have the feeling that I am missing a lot of good series, and that causes me anxiety. Of course, I have never seen a chapter of 'Lost' or 'Game of Thrones'.

Go, then I eliminate a couple of questions I had planned. Are you one of those who prefer to consume in the form of a binge or a weekly chapter?

– No, it has to be the complete series to start watching it. Since I'm late home, I can not do much bingeing. Also, as I see them with Nuria, we have to agree.

That can cause couple fights.

– Well, we must agree on what we both like. We have similar tastes, but they are not the same, so sometimes you have to negotiate.

And which is the last one to which they have been hooked?

– We have two chapters of a very absurd that is Mexican and is called 'The House of Flowers', but we have fun. I do not know how it will continue. Of the last we have seen and we have liked a lot is 'Arde Madrid', which we enjoyed a lot, and 'Big Little Lies', we are looking forward to see the new episodes.

And without being recent, any indisputable title?

– 'Breaking Bad'. Although for me the series series is 'Mad Men', I find it formidable.

Any disappointment?

– The first season of 'The tale of the maid' I loved it, however the second one caused me a lot of disappointment, it was too 'gore' and absurd.

He received the Primavera Prize for novels for his latest book, 'Candela', a work about a woman in her forties who works as a waitress in a bar with her grandmother and mother. Can you imagine it converted into a series?

– I'll tell you that Candela Peña, who was the one who introduced me to the novel, told me that she would love to be scripted to star in it.

Precisely she has complained on many occasions that there are no series about women of that age.

– I conceived it as a novel, but I would love it, of course. It takes place in a bar and with a protagonist who gives a lot of himself. And Candela Peña would be perfect, in fact when she was writing she thought of her face.

Have you ever been angry with a series?

– With 'House of Cards'. I was enthusiastic when the marriage stayed together in front of everything, joined the ambition. But the moment they split up and start having different interests, the series ends. It was a blunder.

What bothers you the most about a plot?

– In general I can not with coincidences, they kill me. And then I think there's an excess of beautiful people. I like them, of course, but I think that the series should be credible and with the canons we passed. There are too many handsome guys in the series and that brings me out.

If I could make a cameo, what title would it be?

– How difficult. In 'Big Little Lies', although I do not speak English, so I would play as a gardener or something like that.

«To Pedro Sánchez I would give him 'The great American hero'»

The jewels of TVE

Let's go to his childhood. What excited you then?

– 'Juncal', although it was not so small when I saw it. All those TVE gems I liked a lot. I remember 'Ramón y Cajal' as a wonderful thing. O 'Fortunata and Jacinta' and 'Rings of gold'. What I do not know is how they will have withstood the test of time. I do not say it from nostalgia, I do not think that before everything was better.

Come on, that his was not 'The Team A' or 'The fantastic car'.

– Totally. Those gave me completely the same.

And what is your favorite bad guy of all time?

– When I was little I saw 'Falcon Crest' and I loved Richard Channing, it was very bad, worse than Angela Channing.

Now that we are in full negotiation of Government, what series would give Pedro Sánchez?

– Do I have to give it to him …? Well, I give him 'The great American hero'.

«In general, I can not with coincidences in the series, they kill me»

And to any member of Vox?

– Any gay theme, which will suit them.

Do you usually use humor when writing, do you have any reference comedy?

– There are many parts of 'Here there is no one who lives' and 'The one who approaches' that seem truly brilliant to me. When they go crazy I have a lot of fun. In that series there is a lot of talent, there is a costumbrismo with which I identify myself.

The end of the series that bothered you the most?

– None, I must be quite conformist.

Beginner's guide

'Arde Madrid'

Series that fiction the years in which Ava Gardner lived in Madrid.

'The house of flowers'.

Around a family florist lives a clan with a multitude of secrets.

'Big Little Lies'.

mothers hide their problems and frustrations under an idyllic family appearance.

'House of Cards'.

Title around a congressman who becomes president of the United States.


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