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In the Sinclair contract, YouTube TV launches two Fox Sports RSN, YES Network 03/09/2020

YouTube TV and Sinclair have ended in
blackout started late last month through an agreement where the
the streaming service will transport 19 of Sinclair’s 21 regional Fox Sports networks to “selected areas”.

The deal does not include the country’s two largest markets, Los
Angeles and New York.

As of March 5, YouTube TV will no longer carry Sinclair’s Prime Ticket based in Los Angeles or Fox Sports West, which carries L.A. Clippers, L.A. Kings, L.A. Angels e
Anaheim Ducks, among other teams.

It will also drop the New York Yankees YES network, in which Sinclair has a stake.

In addition, under the new Sinclair agreement,
YouTube TV appears to have reduced the areas where some or all 19 Fox RSNs were available Variety. YouTube is telling customers that they can check which channels they are on
available in their zip codes on tv.youtube.com.



YouTube TV “will continue to ship Fox RSNs only to select areas,” YouTube said in a statement. “Interested members who
will no longer have access to this content and will soon receive a notification in the YouTube TV app. “

The RSNs that YouTube resumed broadcasting include Fox Sports Arizona, Carolinas, Detroit,
Florida, Indiana, Kansas City, Midwest, New Orleans, North, Ohio, Oklahoma, San Diego, South, Southeast and Southwest, Tennessee, Fox Sports Sun and SportsTime Ohio.

It is unclear whether YouTube TV
will bring the Marquee Sports Network, Sinclair’s new television network with Chicago Cubs games.

“We appreciate our constant relationship with YouTube TV, however, we are deeply
disappointed by his decision not to carry certain RSNs, “said Sinclair SVP and General Councilor David Gibber in a statement.” We offered competitive market conditions but, in the end, YouTube TV
He refused. We encourage YouTube TV subscribers who appreciate these RSNs to contact other streaming services or their local cable or satellite provider for continuous access or to contact YouTube directly
TV with feedback. “

YES Network released a statement stating that “When YouTube TV realized that it was not possible to get a sweet deal, below the market, it dropped the YES network.”


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