Saturday, 15 Dec 2018

In the Spider-Verse reveals a new photo

What would Spider-Verse be without Spider-Gwen? (Lamentably lame, if you ask us.)

Fortunately, we do not have to think about the horrors of this possible reality because Sony Pictures has released a new exclusive image of Spider-Man: Into the Spider- Vers Friday night in San Diego Comic-Con gives us another insight into Spider-Gwen.

First shown to the studio's official panel and later uploaded to Twitter the photo features Gwen Stacy (by Hailee Steinfeld of Bumblebee in his Spider-Gwen Apron, in front of the OG Spider-Man Peter Parker (Jake Johnson of New Girl ) and Miles Morales himself ( Dope actor Shameik Moore.) The three "Spiders-People "are seen with worried looks on their faces, their eyes narrowed on some invisible forces while their Spidey times sting like crazy."

Elsewhere as part of Sony's Comic-Con presentation, attendees saw images of Spider-Man: In the Spider Worm which introduced three other characters Spidey: Spider-Man Black by Nicolas Cage, Peter Parker's version which lived during the Great Depression; Peni Parker of Kimiko Glenn, another alt-Spi dey; and Spider-Ham by John Mulaney, a spider that the radioactive anthropomorphic pig May Porker bit and later became a criminal pig.

Details of the Hollywood Reporter the clip also shows Miles visiting the grave of Peter Parker (the hero was once considered dead, leaving Miles a perfect window to assume the Spider-Man coat) a very living Peter appears to greet him.

"Why are you older, and why does your body have a different shape?" Miles asks him in the pictures. "I'm sure you just call me big," Peter sarcases, later explaining to Miles that he's coming from an alternate universe – and Spider-Gwen too, who is swinging to save the pair of Kingpin's anger (voiced by Liev Schreiber).

Steinfeld said of his character Spider-Gwen, "She is the toughest and coolest and most intelligent and competent in the room, and she knows it."

If the Trailer of ] Spider-Man: In the Spider-Verse did not have our eyes wide-eyed, amped-up, and chomping at the bite to see more of the l-39 Beautifully animated, visually stunning movie, this new photo certainly makes. And now we are facing a much more serious dilemma than waiting for a supplement Spider-Verse : decide whether or not we should cut all our hair and shave like our loved Spider -Gwen. (Hey, hair is still growing!)

Spider-Man: Toward the Spider-Verse is due out December 14, just in time for Christmas.

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