In the spotlight: 5G arrives in France

This is a first in France: this controversial new digital technology will be launched this Friday in Nice. And the One of Figaro Economy The reliever, because this midday, the telecommunications operator SFR will activate its 5G in Nice, where its subscribers to this service and having a mobile phone adapted to this technology, should be able to receive speeds of hertzian beams of (tells us- on) five to ten times higher than those of 4G.

Le Figaro also announces that the French historical operator Orange ” expected to launch commercial 5G services on November 26 or 27 », While Bouygues Telecom intends to launch its own on 1is December, ” but without saying where “, Free doing” endure the suspense », Completes this journal.

A study cited by Le Figaro states that 5G ” could save European industry 200 billion euros “In fifteen years, for 50 billion investment, and to France” 15.5 billion euros for an investment of 4.2 billion euros “, Reports this daily, presenting 5G as” one of the keystones of the ecological transition “, While several ecological mayors of France, precisely, do not want to hear about this technology for their city.

Controversial, 5G? In Le Figaro, precisely, the mayor of Nice, who « roll out the red carpet » to this technology please « take ten steps ahead of territories refractory to 5G, in the name of retrograde dogma », Christian Estrosi told this newspaper.

Battle for the Christmas jackpot

In France again, the Minister of the Economy Bruno Le Maire convinced Amazon to shift its ” black Friday Of a week. Even if a last meeting is scheduled this afternoon at the Ministry of the Economy to ratify the agreement between merchants, mass distribution and e-commerce sites, the management of Amazon, last night on TFI, confirmed the shift a week of promotional sales, the daily The Parisian welcomes the victory of the Minister of the Economy. While this American online sales giant was preparing next Friday to “ perform the perfect heist on Christmas shopping “, Bruno Le Maire obtained from Amazon and retailers of” postpone their promotional operation to December 4 ”, It being recalled that said promotional operation was scheduled in just one week. This newspaper therefore specifies that this decision “ could allow small businesses to reopen around November 27 or 28 ».

Because in France, the coronavirus epidemic “ pull back », States the front page of the newspaper The echoes. This economic daily explains that the government wants to avoid ” the rush ” in shops.

Growing dislike of the French for Macronian liberalism

The French love liberalism less and less, of which Emmanuel Macron is, for a majority of them, the herald in France. According to an Ifop survey for the newspaper l’Opinion and the Concorde Foundation, 55% of French people say they love liberalism. It is fifteen points less than twenty years ago and above all, five points less than five years ago.

Why ” mostly “? Because this growing disenchantment of the French for liberalism is largely revealed under the Macron presidency, even though, for 24% of them, the French president ” embodies the best »Liberal ideas, in front of his former Prime Minister Edouard Philippe (22%). For this liberal daily that is l’Opinion, liberalism is a ” collateral victim “Of the coronavirus crisis … and” yellow vests “, Emmanuel Macron having then refused to” raise the question of the ISF and the taxation of capital “, remember l’Opinion. Which newspaper also underlines that the reaction of the Head of State was the same ” when the health crisis put this eternal French question back on the top of the agenda ».

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