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In the step the progress from the day before yesterday

Dhe life can be quite complicated, as can be seen from this call for help on the Internet, which is now almost six years old: “I would like to buy a Brooks saddle and had actually decided on the Brooks B17 Select (alternative to standard). After a few forum posts, where the Imperial was discussed and advertised by some as a great saddle, I have now become unsure and ask myself the following question: Is the Brooks B17 Imperial a really sensible development of the standard, and you shouldn’t do this with regard to the freedom from complaints on everyone Prefer case over standard? When is it imperative to use the Imperial? “

To start with the last point: it is not absolutely necessary to mount the leather saddle with the slot on his bike, not even if you have bad seating problems. Because there has long been an abundance of lighter and robust bicycle saddles, which with soft gel zones, recesses and real longitudinal divisions take pressure off the perineum of the cycling man or want to save the cyclist from feeling uncomfortable on long journeys.

1890, because the Brooks with the slot is so old, this modification of the even older B17 could be considered sensational. Today the Imperial is at best the i-spot on the retro bike. Technically speaking, it is the B 17 built in all sorts of variants, narrower and shorter, with large and with small rivets and with differently colored and machined surfaces – just with a recess.

Today the Imperial is at best the i-spot on the retro bike.

Yes, the Imperial is comfortable simply because it is softer from the start. Yes, the wind blows coolly through the slot. And yes, the Imperial is a little more impractical than other leather saddles, because along the cut edges it is more sensitive to moisture and therefore requires a little more care and particularly careful re-tensioning. The holes on the flanks allow lacing so that it does not go unsightly in width. When the Imperial receives the necessary attention, it tends to bulge less than other Brooks models.

Incidentally, you have to be prepared for the fact that the little girl, who was not fooled by the emperor’s new clothes, relentlessly asks: “Is your saddle broken there?” And watch out, friends of nostalgic sitting: The saddle that is for 110 euros in the list at Brooks is widely traded for just over half.


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