In the U.S. three people have died after the use of antiseptics :: Society :: RBC

In the U.S. state of new Mexico one person was blinded and three died after he drank anti-bacterial hand sanitizer. This is reported by ABC News, U.S. News and Fox23 with reference to the state health Department.

It is reported that another three people are in critical condition. Doctors told that the cause of the poisoning was methyl alcohol on the basis of which has been made antiseptic.

Onishchenko reminded about the harmful properties of antiseptics

Antiseptics became widespread amid pandemic coronavirus. As previously reported, physician-pharmacist polyclinic № 1 of the administration of President Igor Fedorov, the anti virus only help tools with alcohol content of more 62%. At the same time respiratoriae sanitiser containing chlorhexidine, are virtually useless against coronavirus.


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