In the United States detained a five-year-old child traveling to California for Lamborghini

WASHINGTON, May 6 – RIA News. Utah U.S. police detained a 5-year-old child traveling to California in the hope of buying a Lamborghini car, the state riot police said in a release.

According to him, traffic policeman Rick Morgan stopped a small SUV this week on a major highway, the driver of which was having difficulty driving a car. In the car, he found only a boy in the driver’s seat.

“Morgan was able to find out that the boy was five years old and that he was driving to a relative in California. The boy intended to buy the Lamborghini sports car for $ 3 that was in his wallet. Morgan and the policemen who helped him were able to find the boy’s parents and return him with the car home, “the report said.

Parents explained that another child in the family was looking after the boy that day, but he fell asleep, and the boy managed to find the keys hanging on a hook in the house. The boy chose the right road to California, but managed to drive no more than 3 miles (5 kilometers) before he was stopped by the police.

The police have so far refrained from issuing a fine or charging the parents of the child.

Police also distributed a video of the incident. It shows how a policeman stops the car on the side of the highway and approaches it. “How old are you? Are you five years old ?! Wow!” – says the policeman in the video.


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