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In this European country you now travel ‘cheap dust’ by public transport

Traveling is already expensive enough, especially at this time of high inflation. But there is now a European country that at least makes public transport affordable. From today, in Germany you can make unlimited use of public transport for 9 euros for a month.

The German government is making travel by public transport cheaper. The reason for this decision is rising inflation, which also affects us in the Netherlands.

Germany has dirt cheap train tickets

Deutsche Bahn and other carriers also took the initiative. Discount tickets are valid for three months. In the summer months of June, July and August you can travel very cheaply all over the country in Germany. This applies to trains, trams and buses.

Cheap transit plans have been officially approved by the Bundestag, the parliament of Berlin. Some local carriers have already started offering affordable tickets last week.

Travel through Germany

How can this price be lowered? Carriers will have to pay less oil and diesel taxes in the next three months. This brings the energy tax to a minimum according to European directives.

Travelers can travel by local and regional transit with this ticket. This applies throughout Germany, including in cities and across border networks. This ticket does not apply to high-speed trains across the country. This concerns well-known EC or ICE trains.

Major inflation reasons for cheap transit

Rising energy prices and high inflation as a result of the war in Ukraine were reason enough for the German government to implement this plan. 2.5 billion euros were also made available for this initiative. To compensate for lost revenue from ticket sales in sixteen federal states.

Should You Consider a Trip to Germany? Then pay attention. The ticket is valid for each calendar month. So if you buy a ticket in mid-June, it only applies in June. The ticket is valid for Germans and tourists. By the way, did you know all seven of these tricks for a luxurious holiday on a budget? Might be useful to add some more in the future.

Notable public transportation: unique train stops, steep trains and bike escalators

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Travel and inflation? In this European country you now travel ‘cheap dust’ by public transport

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