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In this way you can strengthen your immune system and prevent infections! «Kleinezeitung.at

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Autumn and winter could be so beautiful – if they weren’t also the main time for colds. With these tips you will strengthen your immune system and you can fully enjoy the coming months.

10:01 a.m., October 19, 2020

Take care of yourself – and go through the cold months fit and healthy © maryviolet

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Atchoo! Quite a few people live more or less with one in autumn and winter Permanent cooling and always have one foot on sick leave. Are you one of them? Be good to yourself and take better care of yourself! With a few simple adjustments, you can create your immune system crank:

Pay attention to your vitamin D balance

Taking a walk outdoors not only improves your mood – it improves yours too immunity. As the? By the sunlight that will be in your skin Vitamin D educated. However, from around November to March, the position of the sun is too low to enable the company to produce vitamin D. In addition, it is practically impossible to meet the vitamin D requirement through diet alone. A good vitamin D balance reduces your susceptibility to infections and also has many other positive effects. Often the additional intake of Vitamin D preparations makes sense. You should discuss this with your doctor in advance.

Use every ray of sunshine to boost your vitamin D balance Photo © Alliance

Feed – the right way!

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. This saying is no accident. Whereby a single apple a day is far from over. Concerning nutrition you should be on a sufficient Vitamin C-, Vitamin E and Vitamin B12-Pay attention to the supply. In addition, are also Requirements and zinc, Selen as protein important to maintaining your physical health, as well as secondary plant substances. In autumn and winter, for example, pumpkins, various types of cabbage and cabbage, legumes and nuts should land more on your table. Recommended: cook yourself! If you would like to know how your values ​​are doing, you can do so, for example, as part of a Medical check-up let determine. This can be used once a year at the expense of social security. The optimal values ​​cannot always be achieved through a simple change in diet – Nutritional supplements can help you here.

In addition, you should avoid so-called “defense killers” – that is, food and drinks that are yours Immune defense weaknesses. This includes, for example, alcoholic beverages, but also coffee in large quantities.

Autumn serves up what is healthy. Pumpkin, cabbage and Co. are good for you! Photo © mizina

Avoid the risk of infection

You can probably no longer hear it, but one of the easiest and most efficient ways to avoid illness is: wash your hands regularly! The advice not to touch your face is justified – but it is usually done unconsciously. Just regular hand washing therefore reduces the risk of coming into contact with viruses and bacteria. There are practical hand disinfectants for on the go.

Just as simple as it is effective: Regular hand washing Foto © hedgehog94

Pay attention to the right indoor climate

Yes, in the cold time of the year we all like to be cozy. Snuggling up to a warm heater after spending time outdoors is just wonderful. But you can mean it too well when it comes to heating. Dry heating air namely leads to dry mucous membranes and airways. And that in turn leads to an increased Risk of infection. You can counteract dry air with regular ventilation and green plants.

Sometimes our health also needs a little extra support. The dietary supplements from Oleovital® help you, your Strengthen the immune system and prevent diseases.

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