Monday, 10 Dec 2018

In troll mode, Gad Elmaleh attacks a young woman of Asian origin

A year and a half after the outcry provoked by his skit “Chinese”, Gad Elmaleh sinks a little more, making fun of Louise Chen openly. In 2017, the French-Taiwanese DJ had published a tribune in which she expressed her anger against the comedian …

The anti-Asian racism struck again and this time, we thank Gad Elmaleh . In December 2016, we remember that his show “Tout est Possible” was controversial, because of a skit staging with Kev Adams , and where they appeared “Chinese” and accumulated racist pencils. In the process, DJ Louise Chen had published a platform in The Inrocks , where she had denounced the foolish humor of the two friends. “I could go on about how angry I am that this frankly racist sketch can be broadcast in prime time on television, that I find that showing it to 4.1 million French is validating racist remarks, normalize and trivialize them ” she explained. And Louise Chen had not been the only one to shout a whimper, since many personalities and anonymous people had expressed their disgust on the Web.

It might have been thought that the affair had calmed Gad Elmaleh … Except that on April 17, 2018, the comedian decided to promote the same show on his Twitter, followed by eight million people, on the occasion of his replay the same evening on W9. And so chose to publish an Instagram story showing Kev Adams grim, as well as two pictures of Louise Chen (one on Twitter, the other on Insta), accompanied by openly mocking comments.

A harassment quickly denounced on the Web. Friday, April 20, twittos have even launched the hastag , hoping to make it climb in trending topic and shake his dream of American success. But above all, make him understand the principles of racism and cyberstalking.

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