In Vlčice, they wanted to brag about a stray stone, someone stole a two-ton colossus from them

“Last November we pulled a boulder from a stream to the main road. We agreed to label and describe it. Above that place in the forest there is a quarry for gabbro, it is a black stone, used for tombstones. We wanted to promote the quarry and at the same time describe the glaciation that used to be here on a stray stone, “Josef Fojtek, the mayor of Vlčice, described the original intention.

At the beginning of October, however, a large piece of Swedish granite was stolen by someone.

“We had him pulled out for about a year. I sent our employees there to mow the grass around him, and suddenly the stone was gone. Without a trace. It had to be loaded and taken away by heavy equipment, a hand truck or a crane. The stone was about two tons, so it was not small, “thinks Mayor Fojtek.

The stone was not found by Friday, October 16, and Josef Fojtek does not believe that it will ever be found.

“Just a decoration somewhere for the house,” he answers when asked what a two-ton boulder could be for anyone.

There are a number of stray boulders in the Jesenice region. During the ice age in the Quaternary period, a mainland glacier from Scandinavia spread to this area. The thickness of the glacier cover reached up to two hundred meters in today’s Jesenice region. The glacier carried smaller or larger boulders from the north. Those that reach large dimensions and weight are called stray boulders. It is located, for example, in front of the Water Fortress in Jeseník or in front of the cultural house in Javorník. They built a large exhibition of them in Velká Kraš.

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