In watchOS 7 we can customize the “exercise” and “standing” goals

Only a few hours ago Apple has released the version Golden Master de watchOS 7, in addition to the rest of the operating systems, in preparation for the final release that is going to take place today. This GM brings few news, but there is one for the most interesting Activity app: we can now edit daily exercise and standing goals.

Customizable objectives

Since the launch of the first Apple Watch daily exercise goal was 30 minutes and standing hours goal was 12. This is going to change in watchOS 7, where we can customize these lenses just like we could already change the movement. The steps are the following:

  1. We open the app Exercise on our Apple Watch.
  2. At the bottom we touch on Change goals.
  3. We adjust the movement target.
  4. We press Following.
  5. We adjust the exercise goal.
  6. We press Following.
  7. We set the target “standing”.
  8. We press OK.

That easy. Let’s keep in mind that there are certain limits. In the case of the movement objective, the daily minimum is at 10 minutes and the maximum at 60. In the case of “standing” the maximum remains 12 hours and the minimum drops to 6.

With this setting the exercise and standing goals can be adjusted for people of all ages and according to their needs. A very useful feature to keep encouraging us to stay active without forcing ourselves excessively.

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