Ince: We will announce our manifesto shortly.

CHP Yalova former deputy Muharrem İnce came from Erzincan to Tokat yesterday evening as part of the ‘Homeland Movement’ he started from Sivas on September 4.

İnce visited Ali Çelik, Chairman of the Tokat Chamber of Commerce and Industry (TSO). The visit was closed to the press. Then, Muharrem Ince, who visited the tradesmen, chatted with the citizens.

A citizen during the visit, “I hope you set up a party, brother. I think leave them, we know the vote you got in the Presidential election. Ince on his words, “Should I form a party?” he asked. Citizens to this question ‘when’ gave the answer.



Making a press release after the visit of tradesmen, Muharrem İnce stated that he did his military service in Tokat 30 years ago, “30 years ago, today I was a soldier on weekend leave in the streets of this city. I am a physics teacher. I am waiting at the door with the rifle in my hand while everyone is eating. I would feel very bad. I used to think I was not working. I used to think in the military that I should do a more important job. Homeland Movement are wandering over every inch of the founder of Turkey with my friends. We went to 41-42 provinces now. We will complete 81 provinces and then visit the big districts. On October 29, we all get together and start writing our manifesto. We will announce our manifesto shortly. said.


Saying that they always stand by Azerbaijan, İnce said, “We went to Igdir to support our Azerbaijani brothers. We wanted to go to Nakhchivan from there. They did not allow us for security reasons, they were right. We also saw that they were right. We are with the Azerbaijani Turks, our brothers. Turkey should be next, next is already happening. We stand by Azerbaijan with our full support ”. (DHA)

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