Increasingly Rare, In 5 Portraits of UGM Alumni Make Coffins for COVID-19 Corpses

UGM alumni make coffins for COVID-19 patients. © 2021 – The case of COVID-19 in the Special Region of Yogyakarta is increasingly worrying. Day after day, positive patients continue to experience a spike. Not a few of them have fallen.

Because of the surge, many hospitals eventually collapsed. They are no longer able to accommodate patients and finally critical patients have to undergo self-isolation.

Not only oxygen, the surge in patients dying from the Corona Virus has also made coffins scarce. This is what made the UGM student arena alumni activists take the initiative to make special coffins for COVID-19 patients.

Launching from the group Facebook KAGAMA, it looks like the activists are making coffins through their amateur hands. Here’s the full portrait:

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