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Psychological thriller with a detective for 10 hours

Friday, November 27, Internet on the platform «» will premiere JThe multi-series art film “Agency” made by the Riga Theater (JRT), directed by Alvis Hermanis, the artistic director of JRT.

The film genre combines a psychological thriller with a detective, and its events will take place in Riga and Latvia in the summer of 2020. It is a story about a world that is suddenly changing again, and about the touching belief that everything on this world can be manipulated.

At the heart of the story is an advertising agency – a classic office where professionalism meets fatigue, romance and existential confusion. The catalyst of the story is a mysterious case that obscures everything that has been stable and promising so far. Detective intrigue unfolds in a close-up thriller, where there are probably no innocents.

“The target audience of the multi-series art film” Agency “is most likely to be JRT viewers. And the characters in this movie are also very similar to our viewers. It’s a story about modern Rigans, it’s a story about ourselves, “says Alvis Hermanis, the director of the new multi-series art film.

The authors of the film script are Alvis Hermanis and Jānis Joņevs (with the participation of actors), the cameraman – Mārtiņš Grauds.

Cast: all JRT actors and 3rd year students of the Latvian Academy of Culture JRT studio.

* Opportunity to enjoy the close-up performance of the actors of the New Riga Theater in their homes with family or friends for ten hours – for the price of two theater tickets (50 EUR). Purchase in advance (from November 20 to November 26) – 40 EUR.

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