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Index – Culture – He became the world’s favorite actor from a struggling miner’s boy with a difficult fate.

Because of his physique, Charles Bronson was really considered exotic compared to the well-groomed actors in Hollywood salons, but as they say, he worked hard for it.

His Lithuanian ancestry would not have given him the appearance of an Indian, or any descendant of Genghis Khan. On his father’s side, Lipek inherited Tatar youth, and his body was trained in perfect muscles by the fact that after his father died, he was forced to take a job at the age of sixteen, so he became a miner.

He wore his brothers’ discarded clothes, sometimes his sister’s clothes; often fall asleep hungry; and it also happened to them that they were kicked out together with their fourteen brothers and sisters, and then they “moved together” in the basement of a house with the family of a minor and eight children.

Wounded, decorated

Charles Bronson had a typical American career. It really is the poor boy who made his luck. America’s hero in World War II, he earned the Purple Heart, which, according to the reason, can only be given to those wounded or killed in combat “against the enemy or any hostile force” of the United States of America.

On the screen, he became a representative of raw strength and instinct due to his thinness, his past, and his physical attributes, which later also appeared in the army. In his role – The Seven Deadly Sins, Fifty Hours of Death, The Dirty Twelve, Once Upon a Wild West, Cold Sweat, Then the work came with a desire for revenge – he did not even have to show anyone, but himself. He bent his eyes a little, as if the sun was still shining in them, and the overall effect was already complete. And even if he looked like a person who, looking at him, many people would say that such a face is put on a person by ten years in strict prison, in his role, Charles Bronson mostly always shares the punishment with ⁄ or death in service. of universal justice.

He did not return to the mines after World War II. He lived in struggle, worked as a baker, postman, and got a taste of life by picking onions. But deep down, no matter how difficult his childhood was, he was drawn to the world of art.

The former minor boy found his way in the field of cinema, he had a dizzying career on the screen, which is partly due to the fact that in his roles he often played a simple child of the people, who became a hero because of it. honest and pure emotions – and especially his actions.

He avoided the public

He mostly rejected the media interest, because he believed that it was just a soap-like product that could be sold (source: Roger Erbert). But he obviously also knew that his life gave the writers ammunition for a ready-made novel, and this even included the development of indispensable characters.

Most scribes were excited about how a boy who teased, fought, and clashed with authority could become the world’s favorite actor.

He always said that his family members were his friends, so he didn’t go very far. He was married three times and had three children. With this examination, we remember Charles Bronson, who died on August 30, 2003, at the age of eighty.

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(Cover photo: Charles Bronson in Desire of Revenge. Photo: CBS Photo Archive/Getty Images Hungary)

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