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Index – Culture – Many people were freaked out of it, even if this is the series of the year on Netflix

The summer of 2022 has become very interesting in terms of mystical series on Netflix, as the sick Stranger Things were spectacular. he came to his senses for its fourth season and produced a finale that makes us cry. There was no lack of novelty either, the biggest surprise of the last three months was Sandman: Prince of Dreams, a dark fantasy based on the cult comic book by Neil Gaiman. In early August, already after his presentation we appreciated it the first two parts, but now we return to the production, because there is much talk about the same in terms of the whole season.

Of course, the series begins with an aristocratic occultist, Sir Roderick Burgess (Charles Dance), trying to summon Death to find the deity – or as they are called in Sandman, Infinity – to bring back his late son, whom he worship very much. . nonetheless, the old man accidentally tricks Morpheus, the master of dreams (Tom Sturridge), and puts him in prison for 106 years. After his release, the protagonist still somber set out to retrieve his magical items that make him powerful: his sand, ruby, and scary mask.

Based on the first two episodes, you might expect Sandman to be like a feature film. We could not be more wrong than that, since the makers were more likely to build from smaller and barely connected segments. Bold, but it still works. In the third episode, we met Johanna Constantine, the demon hunting detective, about which the most surprising thing was not that this iteration was also cool, but that Jenna Coleman played the character at least as well as Keanu Reeves and in the version television. Matt Ryan. There was also the balloon jacket, swearing, and exorcism, as well as personal tragedy, the last of which quickly made Johanna vulnerable and vulnerable.

The movement had the original male character played by the woman Sandman was very well done. One of the highlights of the season is when Morpheus descends into hell with his big-mouthed raven to retrieve one of his lost relics from Lucifer. Gwendoline Christie takes the wings of a fallen angel this time, and Tom Ellis fans might stone her, but this change is definitely five stars if you had to rate it. Due to its visuals, this episode should be memorable anyway, but the main characters, Sturridge and Christie, have such a constrained fight against each other on the screen that it is insanely exciting despite the fact that the conflict takes place only verbally, that is, rather on a mental level.

It is here that the Netflix series is not afraid to dissect philosophical questions.

Apparently, the viewers were not affected by this, since the majority of online discussions and fights were caused by the fifth episode of Sandman. In this, Morpheus hardly appears, instead we can see the main villain in action. But since there are so many LGBTQ characters among the featured characters, the tense writing, excellent direction, and strong performances rather than their sexuality appealed to the audience more. Not only in our country, but also in many other countries… at least according to Twitter.

Although this line was also included in the comics, Neil Gaiman was forced to make a quick statement about it in early August:

When I wrote the comic, I already had a bunch of gay and trans friends. I wanted them to feel like they were represented in Sandman. If I left the LGBTQ line out, I would feel like I let them down. I remember that the scandal was already there, because I received angry letters from the organization Concerned Mothers of America, which threatened to boycott because of the gay characters. We didn’t back down, sales went up and Sandman went up.

It hurts us that this fake scandal has left its mark on the Sandman, and that it will also be the subject of a TV adaptation in 2022. Especially because there were definitely people who did not start the sixth because of the fifth part. They can hold their own.

Because the sixth episode of Sandman became one of, if not the strongest series of the year. We’d give him any award now.

Passing, changing the world, and pain were perhaps only talked about so honestly and deeply in Doctor Who. The Sandman reminded us of the cult BBC series on several occasions, but most notably in the sixth episode. Here it really became obvious that Morpheus is just a stranger, a visitor to the human world, who observes … sometimes intervenes, and although he is more cynical than the Doctor, sometimes he still realizes how beautiful our species is can Even if we are mostly terrible, let’s add.

It is true that from the seventh to the tenth episode, Sandman was more of a family drama, with some touches of soap opera, but at the end of the season, Korinthos, played by Boyd Holbrook, was allowed to really develop. Maybe we haven’t seen such a creep since Hero and Sylar’s skull-crushing. Our hearts bleed a little when he bites the grass, but maybe Netflix will bring him back in the end, if he’s ready.

After the season finale of Sandman, we had absolutely no feeling of missing out, we got the best mystical series of the year at Netflix. We needed it, because dark fantasy is not very alive on TV. Don’t get me wrong, Sandman was far from perfect: the aspect ratio and cinematography looked strange, apart from the infernal part, it was sometimes even ugly. In the end, the map of the family relationships of the characters received too much attention, we think here of how already dangerous Rose Walker (Kyo Ra) chases her younger brother. The LGBTQ thread didn’t bother us, but the cliffhanger in the finale did. So we don’t have to wait years for what happens next!

If this series doesn’t get a second season, we will protest in front of Netflix headquarters. Neil Gaiman is not very optimistic about it anyway, he thinks it’s expensive, and it may not be popular enough to order a sequel. We are guessing that there will be more new parts.

In the meantime, new fans can console themselves with the fact that Netflix has released an extra episode for Sandman, a kind of two-in-one. Both were attractive, but especially the story about the uninspired writer, in which even a little light shed on Morpheus’ love life.

Many people accuse Netflix of producing movies and series that belong to the gross category on an assembly line. The Sandman can not be classified here for a moment, it is more of a work of art that you really like to look at than a painting, and after watching the sixth part, you stand up in front of the screen thinking that it is. This series makes me a little more than I was yesterday.


The Sandman: Prince of Dreams is available on Netflix with Hungarian dubbing and subtitles.

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