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Index – Culture – Netflix’s craziest series is back with a new season

The umbrella academy In February 2019, since the first season, it was big on Netflix – it became one of the most watched series of the year. No wonder people ran in front of the TV, because there was a splendid madness even the greatest hero in the world at the time. In the production we get to know a dysfunctional family, the brothers with special abilities reunited together again to explore the circumstances of their father’s death and prevent the end of the world.

Not everyone knows, but the idea for comics formed the basis of Umbrella Academy came from the head of a rock band called My Chemical Romance, Gerard Way, at the time. If it weren’t, Netflix’s offerings would be poorer, and it wasn’t coincidental that we wrote in the title that this series was terribly brainwashed. It takes some opening to be able to enjoy this craze that loves trash but is infinitely fun.

Netflix’s production was initially sold out of how extraordinary its protagonists are: half monkey Luther (Tom Hopper), a celestial mentality, Allison (Emmy Raver-Lampman), a tormented artist, Vanya (Elliot) Page), assassin who can murder Diego (David Castaneda), addicted to the drug and interact with the dead Klaus (Robert Sheehan), and five of the five (Aidan Gallagher) stuck in a child’s body and return from the future the story is against it one.

The second season ended anno and Umbrella Academy prevented the apocalypse once again in the 1960s, but returning in their own time realized something was wrong. Their father picked up other puppies on the plane’s new time and founded Sparrow Academy, which includes young people who are even more deadly than Umbrella Academy.

Umbrella against the Sparrow

It’s here to pick up threads that the two academies are straining on each other, the former don’t like being “changed” while the new ones are sniffing from scratching rivals. The fater, Sir Reginald Hargreeves (Colm Feore), is just blinking like a frog in the jelly, what to do now – but if all that wasn’t enough, he seems to be knocking on the window of our apocalypse hero for the third. tan.

Watching the Umbrella Academy is always a pleasure for sinners. This is stated at the beginning of the first part of the third season, which broadcasts on Netflix on June 22nd, when the academies start a dance duel instead of beating each other in the brain. True, chi-puhi doesn’t stay out of them too, but even then we wouldn’t be able to tell too many other TV series where a similarly dark scene might even come into play. Umbrella’s academy has its weaknesses, we’re thinking here of lame special effects, bad, similar photography and features – but the ingenuity of the music, the acting games and the script compensate us a lot.

Even for a third time, the musicians are trying to push the same turn in our throats: I mean, the world is in danger.

It’s really true that the theme of time travel is rarely overwhelmed, which also makes the Umbrella Academy special. The protagonists who have returned in the past have to deal with the new situation and the dangerous paradoxes they have caused. The good thing about the production is that showrunner Steve Blackman is also trying to loosen the character – even though the relationship between the characters is bloody and sometimes emotionally shocking.

We were very curious to see how this would be resolved at The Umbrella Academy after Ellen Page announced that she was a transgender and lived her life as a man named Elliot Page. All you have to do is wait until the second part of the new season and the answer is coming. Well, we have to say that the writers couldn’t manage the change more elegantly and touchingly than this.

Aba and hats ahead, since the case of Euphoria and Hunter Schafer, we haven’t seen anything like it that the set of musicians have been so sensitive and adept at transgenderism.

Umbrella Academy is still one of Netflix’s most unpredictable series, and to put it bluntly. Based on about two hours of what we’ve watched in the third season so far, we have no idea how the conflict with the Sparrows will develop. One thing is for sure, however, we have our favorite on both sides, and we are already terribly worried about who will first bite the grass out of the cast.

This series is the best example of how not only does Marvel and DC have a lot to do in superhero business, it can do a little more human without costumes, looking and weapons. Somehow, as in The Umbrella Academy, our favorite place to save the world in vain each season, but the emphasis is more on what a truncated family of non-ordinary members can endure. Especially when one of the families thought they had died suddenly returning from the afterlife. It’s interesting when someone asks us.


The third season of Umbrella Academy is available now with dubbing and Hungarian subtitles on Netflix.

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