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Index – Culture – Say goodbye to Netflix’s Viking series, which was even harder than the throne battle.

The last kingdomot (The Last Kingdom) even revealed on BBC Two in 2015, the first two seasons were running here, then the rights were bought by Netflix, and since then on the costume drama appeared on the new service and new parts. Listed by Bernard Cornwell The Saxon Stories its adaptation in terms of hardness was as in the beginning Game of Thronesit just didn’t have dragons, mages, and other mythological creatures.

It’s just icing on the cake that the charisma of the protagonist, Uhtred (Alexander Dreymon), seamlessly directs a Snowy Jon or even Jaime Lannister behind him. The character is first seen as a child whose brother and father both died during the battles against the Vikings. Jarl Ragnar raised the child with another Saxon girl, Brida. The thing makes Uhtred an eternal alien who finds no place among either the Saxons or the Vikings, while Brida (Emily Cox) becomes more and more fierce as the series progresses – and at some point become the main villain.

Uhtred is well known for becoming the chief adviser in Wessex – several Saxon kings, including Alfred (David Dawson) and later Edward (Timothy Innes), are pulled out of the mud quite a few times. But these Saxon-Viking treatises are quite strict: they do not allow the name Uhtred to be included in the accounts of the age. A clever pull, because despite all its melodrama The last kingdomso we can accept that he is a bit historically faithful.

Netflix series a Game of Thronesbring, but even there vikinmuch more soap compared to. But the royal drama, the court dispute, the politicization tied the plot so interesting that many times these discussions advanced the plot. If this is not the case, then Uhtred’s love life comes first, especially at the beginning there is quite a lot of nudity. The last kingdomlater – if someone is looking for adult entertainment, one is content to settle for killer fights. Especially in the fourth or fifth season, some breasts are uncovered, but there are a lot of guts.

But this is a Viking series, it would be funny if we were stuck that many of the characters would be a lower head from one part to the next.

The output turns nicely apart from an idle one or two. But it seems that the musicians in the costume series are simply unable to make the final season intact. LA Game of Thrones his eighth season has fallen into criticism – and some similar collapse can be seen The last kingdom also presented on March 9, in its fifth stage.

As if the creators forgot to write, they rushed. Where Brida is the main evil, where Aethelhelm is deceived (Adrian Schiller). They pushed Uhtred into the background for several episodes, and instead are completely preoccupied with Sigrtryggr (Eysteinn Sigurdson), who also fits into the Jack Sparrow impersonator. It is also very obvious that during the works of the series recorded in Hungary, the crew had only a relatively large range, the Viking village of Winchester near Etyek, and it was sold in at least five different places.

The seemingly low budget has avenged itself, and even if they broke their heads in the end, we look at the last six episodes. In the end, we got a couple of spectacular fights, thankfully Uhtred’s story had an roughly rounded ending.

That’s just because Netflix is ​​doing The Last Kingdom: Seven kings must die TV movie, which is now really ending the story that started in 2015.

In terms of scores, we shot a bit, the fifth season left us with such a bitter taste. But The last kingdom despite all his stumbling he was still a good little guilty pleasure. And in the past, we insisted that it was a frequent school Battle of the thrones if. That’s a big enough word.


The last kingdom available on Netflix and dubbed with Hungarian subtitles.

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