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Index – Culture – Westeros starts again with old, very strong episodes of House of Dragon

Game of Thrones, which was shown on HBO in 2011, achieved this feat that only a few people do: the series adapted from the novels A Song of Fire and Ice written by George RR Martin made viewers sit in front of the television, which basically shied. away from fantasy. In the production, initially, the verbal duels in the meeting rooms, the intrigues and the interesting characters moved the plot forward. And of course, not to be de-faced, the explicit sex scenes also made Game of Thrones famous. Then became bigger and bigger battle, and even if the eighth season was very horrible, the siege of Deres seen in it, when the Other people and the people were conflicted, filling a whole episode. For 81 minutes, there was such a fight that would be unimaginable by small screen standards.

HBO would be foolish if they didn’t try to peel as much skin as possible from Game of Thrones with additional sibling series. nonetheless, the first planned spin-off, Bloodmoon, failed, but around the same time as the market, it was announced that there was no reason to panic. Home of the Dragon is Coming, which, like the original series, is based on the writings of George RR Martin, only on fire and blood, which also adapts the fictional storybook. Many people immediately shook their heads at the news, fearing that nothing positive would come of it.

Those who sang about the dragon’s house could not be more wrong.

The new series of Game of Thrones is refreshing because it presents Westeros in a completely different state. The Lannisters’ reign of terror is still nowhere to be found, the Starks live their quiet day-to-day lives in the North. The Targaryen family is led by the surprisingly kind-hearted Viserys I (Paddy Considine). If anyone is interested exactly, we have 172 years before the birth of a certain Daenerys Targaryen, but the narrator carefully lays out the basic situation at the very beginning.

It is very clear that the creators, led by Ryan J. Condal, tried with all their might to prevent the House of Dragons from drowning in chaos from the beginning. Something similar happened with Game of Thrones, around the second season there were so many characters, stories and places to keep track of this simply could not keep. nonetheless, in the case of the dragon spin-off, everything is clear, the characters get just enough time on the screen so that we can place them in general on the chessboard … that is, who and who, who ulterior reasons are. driving them, things like that.

Run to only the most important figures, there is already mentioned King Viserys, who is tormented by everyone because his wife can not bring him a male heir. It is not a problem at all, since two families are competing for the throne: the daughter of the prince, Rhaenyra (Milly Alcock), who refuses to be a classic wife, and instead would fight, ride dragons and rule her people; and another claimant to the throne, Prince Daemon (Matt Smith), who you should know is a real bastard.

It’s very much like Joffrey and Tyrion mixed together, with some extra cunning thrown in.

Daemon is the one that deserves a separate paragraph, he is the most complex of all the characters based on the pilot episode. Matt Smith recently shocked us in Morbius, but it seems that despite his poor career decisions, the British actor has not forgotten what he is capable of. It’s no coincidence that he’s the reincarnation of many people’s favorite Doctor in Doctor Who, and in the first 10-part season of House of Dragon, it looks like he’ll sneakily steal the show.

“Okay, okay… but is there a lot of sex, carnage, and especially dragons in the series?” may ask the Dear Reader. Almost everyone expects these from a Game of Thrones series. There is everything, nudity and orgy are mainly delivered by Daemon in the pilot, most of the carnage takes place in a spectacular game of knights. There are obviously dragons, quite a few, since this spin-off is still about the Targaryens. In fact, there is even a heartbreaking “Dracarys”, but we don’t want to spoil it.

The production begins as a positive royal drama, there is betrayal, Viserys has to make a difficult decision, and the only icing on the cake is that in the end we learn something about the Targaryens that upsets everything we thought about this family so far. . It’s nice to hear the music reworked from Game of Thrones (obviously the goal was to create nostalgia, and it worked), the composer Ramin Djawadi, who also contributed to the original series, did it again this time. We are also delighted that the makers did not try to surpass the main award-winning title of Game of Thrones, but rather opted for minimalism. The Iron Throne has been reworked a bit, which is a neat move, making it look more menacing and cool than in the parent series.

What we can expect in the first season is well predicted by the opening scenes, when it is said that the Targaryen house is at the peak of its power. And the family only fails if they are torn by internal conflicts. Of course, it is inevitable that princes and princesses with hydrogen blonde hair will fall for each other, we will bring the popcorn, because based on the first hour of the series, there will be a lot of give and take. Westeros is back to the old, no question. It’s great to be a Game of Thrones fan again.


House of Dragons arrives on HBO Max with its first episode on August 22.

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