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India- #GamingBytes: the five best Fortnite weapons for beginners

(MENAFN – NewsBytes) Epic Games’ Fortnite is one of the most competitive Battle Royale games thanks to its growing popularity.

Of course, beginners may find it more intimidating and difficult to face more experienced Fortnite firefighting players. However, with the right choice of weapons, they have a good chance of surviving the encounters.

Here, we offer you the five best guns for Fortnite beginners.

  • SCAR All rounders are the best solution
  • Beginners should always opt for assault rifles as they are the best all-rounder weapons in the game.

    Assault rifles experts in close-range, medium- and long-range battles are easy to handle and should be an integral part of the beginner’s load.

    We recommend the epic or legendary rarity assault rifle, which in the game is a SCAR, for high stability, damage and fire speed.

  • Rifles Sometimes you need to get close and personal
  • For beginners, aiming could be a problem, but that doesn’t mean you have to lose how effective and deadly close-range rifles can be.

    Pick up a tactical rifle that can fire multiple shots and switch to it, instead of using an assault rifle, for a close range.

    The higher rate of fire should tear your opponents to shreds.

  • Submachine Guns Spray and pray for new arrivals
  • The rare submachine gun is a great choice for newcomers.

    With a magazine capacity of 30 bullets and a short reload time, this pistol is a killer in medium-range combat.

    Quick reload and increased ammo capacity ensures that even if all your shots don’t end up on the target initially, you can go back to finish your opponent before he kills you.

  • Rocket Launcher Announce your entry in explosive style
  • We normally recommend the Grenade Launcher in the explosives category as it can fire 6 grenades before reloading.

    However, newcomers should opt for the Rocket Launcher, as grenades can be thrown incorrectly at the expense of the newcomer.

    Additionally, Rocket Launchers allow newcomers to fire remotely and cause serious damage before they rush in and end up injured opponents.

  • Guns Simple short-range kills
  • At the start of the game, newcomers should try to find the Tactical Shotgun, except that they should opt for Pistols.

    The extremely rapid rate of fire makes this deadly weapon at close range. However, be careful not to use them in medium to long range engagements, as the spread of bullets reduces accuracy.

    Both easy availability and rapid fire make it an extremely popular weapon for early games.

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