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India is preparing to launch the cheapest Windows laptop

homeland: Jio in India has announced its intention to launch a laptop that may become the cheapest portable device in its class.

According to the latest leaks, the new JioBook computer will get a structure made of durable plastic, weighing about 1.3 kg, and built on platforms manufactured by Emdoor, and it will be equipped with technologies that make it a competitor to the latest mid-range laptops.

Jio is supposed to develop this computer in partnership with Emdoor Digital Technology of China, and to equip it with eight-core processors produced by AMD and Intel, and random access memories ranging from 2 to 6 GB.

This computer will also get special modem chips that enable it to work with modern 5G networks, an upgradeable Windows-10 basic operating system, and various HDMI and USB-C ports to facilitate its connection with various electronic devices.

Jio has not announced the official date for the launch of this computer or its final specifications, but expectations indicate that it will appear early next March, and will be offered at prices ranging between approximately 200 and 280 dollars.

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