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India launches historic flight; attached to the moon



Days after Apollo's 50th anniversary, India launched an unmanned flight that was tied to a long side of the moon.

Days after the United States 50th anniversary of the first human steps on the moon, India launched the flight flight Monday unbound on the side of the moon.

If lander Chandrayaan2 Vikram is going down as he was scheduled on 7 September, India will enter the United States, Russia and China as nations to land on the moon. India hopes a mission to bring staff to the moon within three years.

Indian Space Research Center The organisation's mission center in the southern city of Sriharikota won after the launch.

"The beginning of a historical journey of India towards the moon," said K Sivan, head of the agency. "It is my duty to give a court to all the people who have done the work."

The launch helped the disappointment felt throughout the country just one week ago, when the launch scrubbed less than an hour before ignition due to "technical snag," according to the space agency.

India's media later reported that helium leakage was the fault.


India is trying to secure its place among the spare nations around the world and bring the second unmanned mission to the moon. (12 July)

On Monday, the Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, showed the nation's pride on Twitter in a series of tweets.

"Indian in the heart, Indian in spirit!" he tweeted him. "Efforts such as # Chandrayaan2 will encourage our bright young people further towards excellent science, research and innovation."

U. flights took a few days to reach the moon. To save fuel, a circuit route using India is dependent on the Earth's gravity slingshot effect. For more than three weeks, the first world will be hiding on the Earth before it goes to the moon's orbit – for more than three weeks, meaning "mooncraft" in Sanskrit, an ancient Indian language.

The Vikram lander will separate the orbit and slow down a series of complex measures aimed at its approach. The imaging of the landing area will be used to find a “hazard free zone” for a soft landing in a high plain between two craters, the space agency said.

The 14 day mission focuses on searching the water and minerals lander and will seek to measure moon hills.

India did not have the first lunar mission, more than ten years ago with Chandrayaan1, on the moon but searched for water using radar.

Contribution: The Associated Press

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