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What should I do if I lose desire for my spouse after 15 years of marriage? A 38-year-old wife issued a document revealing that her husband did not want to touch her, but she had physical needs, so she had to go to the Cowherd secretly to solve the problem. She had to go two or three times a month, which made her feel deeply guilty. , I had to ask the netizens for help, which sparked a heated discussion. Many people suggested that if you still love the other party, you should communicate and find out the problem. If you don’t love it, you should search for evidence and ask for a divorce!

A female netizen recently posted on the Facebook group “Kaobei Marriage 2.0” that she is a 38-year-old white-collar office worker who has been married to her husband for 15 years and has two sons. Since marriage, she and her husband have lost the desire to touch each other, but the other party is unwilling to divorce because of this.

The female netizen revealed that her husband did not touch her, but she had physical needs, so she had to go to the Cowherd to solve it. She had to go 2-3 times a month. For this reason, she felt very guilty and felt sorry for the marriage, so I want to ask everyone, “How can I get rid of the habit of looking for a cowherd?” What should she do?

The posts caused discussions among netizens, “Talk to your husband. Marriage is a matter for both parties.” “The model that suits you is a good model.” “Fortunately, it’s not the next door Lao Wang.” Physiological needs; if you don’t love, you don’t have to stop pulling.” Many people yelled, “I also want to spend money, where can I be happy?”

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After reading the original PO, many netizens can consider marriage counseling, try to communicate with their spouse, and explore the reasons why the two no longer have sexual relations. If both parties still love each other, they may be able to negotiate their own payment to find someone outside. Solve your physical needs, but make an agreement on whether you can have a small third and a small king, but if there is no love between each other for a long time, just get divorced! As for the other party’s unwillingness to divorce, he may be able to search for evidence for “failure to fulfill the responsibilities of husband and wife” and appeal for divorce. After all, life is very long. Is it necessary to live with patience and guilt?

Article source: Kaobei Marriage 2.0

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