Inés Arrimadas: «The Sanchista sectarianism can not run at ease»


Inés Arrimadas (Jerez de la Frontera, Cádiz, 1981) received ABC yesterday on the fifth floor of the Congress of Deputies. In the room where the address of the parliamentary group of Citizens usually meets, of which she is the new spokesperson, she reviewed the political news and expressed her desire to begin, once and for all, the activity in the Lower House. The deputy arrives at the national policy ready to fight "a sectarian sanchismo" that is "a danger for Spain".

Do you feel like opening yourself as a spokesperson in the Chamber?

Yes, I want to control an uncontrolled government, with a president of the Congress that has it locked up. He has locked the door so that the opposition does not work.

Will not miss to be able to rebut Quim Torra in the Parlament?

I will continue to do politics for all constitutional Catalan. The theme of Catalonia is an issue that affects all Spaniards. The fight against nationalism is one of the things that Spain needs.

He has been accused of missing out on the historic victory of 2017 in Catalonia and now of abandoning his voters, why did he make the leap to Madrid?

The victory of Cs was very important, as was the demonstration on October 8. Being able to tell the world and explain that Catalonia is not independent, that it is not of the nationalists, but that there is a constitutionalist social majority is fundamental. That to leave Catalonia is an independence mantra. Rufián is presented to the general elections and nobody tells him that he is leaving Catalonia.

Do you think the left tries to appropriate 8-M or Pride?

Of course. The sectarian part of the left is the one that wants to take you out of 8-M, of the Pride, the one that tells you not to go to Alsasua that you are provoking, do not go to the Sanfermines being the mayor of Pamplona because you are provoking the escraches … There is Podemos. Mrs. Colau was crying because she had been called a bitch and whore and then it turns out that we can not go to Pride. I condemn the insults to Colau. I hope she does the same with the aggressions and with the launching of bottles.

Criticize ideological sectarianism
«A sectarian part of the left wants us to have quiet times at home and asking for forgiveness for existing and thinking what we think»

Why was not Albert Rivera at the Saturday rally?

Well I do not know. I guess I would have other commitments. But come on, Albert has been Pride for many years and the representation of Cs was clear and clear.

Do you see similarities with what has happened to them other times in Catalonia?

I see similarities in the sense that there are certain political parties that heat the street to attack you or to not tolerate you in the public space. The surprising thing is that what Torra did with the "apreteu, apreteu" is what Marlaska did with "well, it will have to have consequences". It is the sanchista version. We will not stop defending the Constitutionalists or LGTBI people.

Do you understand that a part of the LGTBI collective reproaches them for using Vox's votes to govern?

Today (for yesterday) we have signed an agreement in the Community of Madrid that guarantees LGBTI rights with concrete proposals. We have not agreed with any other force than the PP. The PSOE, for example. Would anyone understand that we told the Socialists that they can not go to an act of victims of terrorism because they are agreeing with Bildu in Navarra?

But Vox in the Community of Madrid asks to revise the LGTBI law …

Vox can say mass. But the agreement that was signed today (yesterday) shields LGTBI policies.

Message to Vox
«Let's hope that Vox rectifies and comes out of the blockade, of the tantrum. The only ones that benefit is the PSOE and Podemos »

Will there be PP-Cs governments in the Community of Madrid and in the Region of Murcia?

Hopefully Vox will rectify and get out of the blockade, of the tantrum. Stop voting with Podemos and the PSOE. The only ones that Vox benefits right now is the PSOE and Podemos.

In no case will there be a signed investiture agreement to three?

The agreements will be governed by the criteria approved by my Executive. Agreements of two parties, not tripartite. Now, talk, we will talk with the political formations that are needed. If Gabilondo met here with Vox.

Signature will not be either.

No, no, of course. Here Vox has to decide: or it leads us to a second election, or allow them to govern the PSOE and Podemos, or allow us to govern ourselves. There's no more.

Two weeks ago Roldán resigned and Nart resigned his seat in the Executive. Saturday he left Pericay. Is it the biggest Cs crisis?

Well, Pericay's, in his own words, has nothing to do with it.

Yes to article 155
«I completely agree that it has to be for cases of extreme gravity and what happens in Catalonia is»

But it is another that leaves the Executive.

Yes, but it has nothing to do with it. Both Nart and Toni wish you the best. They are magnificent people, great companions. But here it has been decided by an immense majority that Cs does not rectify. There are some people who did want to change the criteria and make Sánchez president, but that has been the only reason why there have been this pair of resignations. The Executive is united.

What will happen to Garicano and Igea? Will there be changes in the Executive?

Well, let's see, Igea has just signed an agreement and will be vice president in Castilla y León. You are going to do a fantastic job. They think that maybe we should rectify the criteria, but I have not heard anything in that sense again.

Have they become blue, as Roldán said in his farewell?

We are oranges. We were born to occupy a space that was not occupied politically in Spain: that of the European democrats and liberals. It is neither the conservatives of the PP nor the social democrats of the PSOE.

Last week the Constitutional endorsed the application of 155 in 2017, but also said that it has to be "exceptional and temporary". Are they rethinking their position?

That sentence clearly reaffirms what we say. The TC says that there must be objective causes of extraordinary gravity. I completely agree that it has to be for cases of extreme gravity and what is happening in Catalonia is extremely serious. It must be applied for the time necessary for that gravity to be eliminated.

Minimizes the internal crisis of Cs
«There are some people who did want to make Sánchez president, but that was the only reason for that pair of resignations»

So they would continue to apply now and immediately.

Of course. Because some gentlemen who are spending their money in embassies that go against Spain, who are manipulating the media, who are teaching our children in schools, who are saying that they are going to give a coup again, Gentlemen who are doing a Praetorian guard like the one that Torra has done, they have the "conseller" of the Interior who controls the Mossos accused of participating in an illegal referendum … Who does not describe this as extremely serious is not finding out about nothing that we are suffering. That report does nothing but give us the reason.

Are not you pushing Sanchez to repeat partners with the no of PP and Cs?

Who has pushed him in Navarra to agree with Geroa Bai? In the Diputación de Barcelona to agree with Torra? In the Balearics and in Valencia with the nationalists? In the Basque Country with the nationalist reactionary right of the PNV? Sánchez is not obligated by anyone. Agree with them, with their partners.

But do not you renounce to distance them from this path?

The sanchismo agrees whenever it can with populists and nationalists.

What if Sanchez tomorrow publicly resigns to agree with those partners?

Yes, after closing Navarre, the Basque Country, the Provincial Council of Barcelona and the Balearic Islands. Really, who believes that? It is not going to happen.

What happens if you put them in front of the 2016 agreement?

Sánchez has been able to choose in Navarra, in the Diputació de Barcelona … He has chosen with the usual, with their partners. There is not a single Spaniard at this stage of the film who thinks that Sánchez does not want to make a pact with Podemos and the nationalists. In fact, I am convinced that your government is already closing and that is why we can not participate in Mr. Sánchez's paripés.

If after the sentence of the «procés» there is mobilization and pressure for independence, do you think that the PSOE could come back to you?

But if the PSOE has already left the door open to pardons. He's talking to ERC for the investiture. He went through his "delegate" with Junqueras to jail to negotiate Budgets. Sanchismo is willing to pardon the coup leaders without any doubt.

If there is a conviction, will there be early elections in Catalonia?

I do not know because it is a power that Torra has and people like Torra are unpredictable. It is not known where they will leave. But in any case what we have to do the democrats is not to whitewash nationalism, not to compromise with nationalism. Sanchez is agreeing with the Diputación de Barcelona with the most reactionary right, the corrupt right of 3 percent, coup, xenophobic, racist and supremacist. What lesson of morality will they give of our pacts with the PP? The Sanchista sectarianism can not run at ease. Sanchismo is a danger for Spain.

The spokesperson for Citizens, Inés Arrimadas, interviewed by ABC- Isabel Permuy
«Minister Marlaska dedicated himself to heating the street»

How did he live what happened on Saturday at the Pride? What threw them and shouted?

Well, throw everything. Bottles, that they gave to a companion, cans, glasses, ice, even urine, threw urine. And it was regrettable. A day that was the day of tolerance, of respect, the day that nobody has to put in the closet, neither for their sexual orientations nor for their political thoughts. A radicalized group, small, but heated by the minister himself, tried to expel us and our militants. No one has come out of the closet because of their sexual condition to have to get involved in their political ideas. Yesterday Cs militants were attacked, also LGTBI people. The most serious thing was that Minister Marlaska, who is the one who has to guarantee the security of the whole world, dedicated himself before the demonstration to warm the street saying that we had to have consequences.

His colleague Patricia Reyes talked about what was organized, was it like that or were they spontaneous protests?

It must be said that most of the people who were in the Pride evidently did not do any of this. We are talking about a minority group. Most people wanted respect and tolerance that day and were ashamed of those acts. In fact many people came to give us support, to tell us that this was a shame, people who said: "Look, I have never voted you, but you can not be allowed to be here because today is the day of freedom » The support was very important, but there was a group organized before us in the demonstration itself.

Have you received messages of support from the PSOE, the PP or Vox?

Of other political parties yes. Of the PSOE, of course to me, no. All I have seen of the PSOE has been defending its minister. Especially many people from any party, from civil society, who have thrown their hands in the head watching how the day of respect, freedom, harassment and divide people for their political orientation. A sectarian part of the left wants us to keep quiet and ask for forgiveness for existing and thinking what we think. Citizens was born to defend freedom. (tagsToTranslate) sectarianism (t) sanchista (t) wide (t) close


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