Infestation reduces the Rat of the Family Dollar in Cobb County


Family Dollar closed in Cobb County after rat infestation, officials told Channel 2 News News.

The Department of Geoscience Department issued an embargo on the food inside the shop, and there is an open case at Enforcement of Cobb County Code regarding the conditions in the Mableton shop, Channel 2 reported. debris, incidental storage and inappropriate storage closure.

When Channel 2 reached the Family Tree Monday, a pest control vehicle was leaving the store, located at 850 Highway Memorial Veterans.

Rashaad Chambers, who works across the street at Shear Design Barbershop with the news station, said that a client showed him rats in and around boxes in the Family Dollar.

“That's unhealthy,” he said. “How do you clean that? You can't freeze it; you can not find it. ”

A spokesperson from Dollar Tree, a Family Dollar parent company, sent a statement to Channel 2 who said: “We closed our shop in May to address property maintenance issues. We are working with contractors and intend to reopen the shop in August. ”

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