Information Circulating If Trump Wants To Attack Its Nuclear Facilities, Iran’s Military Is On Full Standby, Immediately Seized To Launch Dozens of These Deadly Weapons, America Turns On Alert

Sosok.ID – Talking about the military, Country Iran certainly can’t be forgotten.

The Middle Eastern country has indeed become one of the countries with the strongest military power in the world.

Even Iran ranks 14th as the strongest military nation in the world.

Its troops are also feared by other powerful military countries.

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Like Israel and the United States (US).

Plus Iran has a deadly nuclear facility.

Despite having a myriad of frightening military strengths, in fact there are reports of Iranian troops increasing.

Reporting from on Friday (20/11/2020), the strength of the Revolutionary Navy, Iranian elite forces, increased.

This is in line with the presence of warships capable of carrying aircraft, missile launchers and drones.

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