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«Information Ministers»: There is no health of a shortage of insulin Health insurance and pharmacies

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«Information Ministers»: There is no health of a shortage of insulin in health insurance and pharmacies, quoting the site of the Egyptian today, on Thursday, April 19, 2018.

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The Information and Decision Support Center of the Council of Ministers on Thursday denied the spread of many websites and social networking pages of reports of a severe shortage of insulin with health insurance and pharmacies.

The Center explained in a fact-finding report issued on Thursday that it had contacted the Ministry of Health and Population, which confirmed that the news was not true at all, stressing the availability of the drug «insulin» in all hospitals of health insurance and pharmacies and the absence of any shortage and that the stock “The ministry has received only one complaint, which included the absence of the category” Carbools “for insulin and not the class« Fayal »in one of the hospitals of the health insurance in Cairo and was transferred and deal with them immediately, stressing the availability of insulin« Vial » In emergency clinics Health yen and cover balances to the needs of patients and support balances in the clinics in the governorates.

The Ministry indicated that the strategic stocks of insulin for public and private distribution companies are available, with 850 thousand of imported insulin mixed with the Egyptian Company for Drug Trading, 870,000 in another distribution company, in addition to distributing 100 thousand imported elephants last week to pharmacies, The stock of domestic industry, which reached 4.5 million last year, pointing out that the production is expected to increase this year to 150%.

The ministry added that on the issue of health insurance and the government sector, there is a strategic stock of imported insulin of 180 thousand imported fetal medical supply stores, in addition to the supply of 350 thousand villas of local insulin, which is enough consumption rates of 4 months to come.

The ministry confirmed that the unit monitoring the lack of drugs at the Central Administration of Pharmacy follows the statement of insulin movement on a weekly basis and confirms its availability in all pharmacies. The ministry monitors all vital medicines and stock quantities to ensure that there is a strategic inventory of at least three months, To take all necessary measures to remove any disabled person to prevent any shortage before it occurs.

The Ministry pointed out that the inventory of medicines and coverage rates is monitored through electronic link between the follow-up unit and all health care institutions in the governmental sector of the Ministry of Health to solve any problems in supply between companies and agencies. That the control and follow-up of vital items on a daily basis and is also dealt with on the field also with public pharmacies through the pharmacological inspection of the Directorate of each province, through the follow-up mechanisms for early detection of any expected shortage to prevent the occurrence and provide treatment of patients.

The ministry appealed to the citizens and the media not to take any medication for any shortage except after reviewing its periodic bulletin. To report any shortage of insulin, please call the ministry number (25354150). If there is any complaint, please go to the government complaints portal ( or call her hotline (16528).

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Source: Egyptian Today

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