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We continue to be bombarded with meaningless and useless messages related to the Covid-19 coronavirus. Now it is reported that among the identified carriers, the least number of people with the first blood group: “… It turned out that among the patients with coronavirus there were fewer people with the first blood group (AB0). The largest percentage of those infected was recorded among representatives of groups A, B and AB …”

The study does not specify exactly how this is related to the mechanism of the disease, and therefore the information itself is interesting, but completely useless in practical terms.

The point of these constant and unnecessary details is to introduce Covid-19 into circulation as something completely separate from any other viruses that cause acute respiratory infections, and therefore to legalize the fight against it as something exclusive and extraordinary. Individual voices of professionals who quite rightly point to the delusional nature of this approach are clogged with tons of informational garbage. For example, Nikolai Filatov, the former chief sanitary doctor of Moscow, literally says the following: “… Today, 10 thousand identified conditional patients throughout great Russia, and we put on masks, go to the” remote “, draw columns, and when the new H1N1 flu virus” Hong Kong “appeared, the maximum peak incidence in Moscow alone was 102 thousand for medical help per day! These are undetected, who had the virus. Then they did not look for who had it. These were patients who themselves sought medical help. They had high fever, intoxication, headache and muscle pain, weakness and others. symptoms of flu. Of course, someone died. Now tell me, 102 thousand for Moscow per day and 10 thousand for the whole of Russia – comparable figures and adequate coverage of the problem ?! I am an epidemiologist by profession, I have been doing this all my life and I cannot understand Last year, the incidence of respiratory infections was higher than this, but no one spoke about a pandemic … “

But these rare voices are hammered by propaganda talk shows, where pro-government “experts” will justify any bend in power decisions, and the forced horror and fear paralyze the ability to reasonably reason and give an account of their actions. From above, all this is pressed down by the slab of total terror on the part of the authorities.

The meaning of what is happening (not only in Russia, but throughout the world) is in the transition to mobilization methods of management. The dead end of development is forcing the ruling elites to switch to new models, but the transition itself is costly in every sense. And it is unprofitable to divert scarce resources to manage millions of fellow citizens. Therefore, an outright concentration camp is being created in an accelerated manner, in which people will be forced to carry out the decisions of the camp administrations simply because they will have no choice. The whole point of the simultaneous introduction of fascism in dozens of countries lies only in this. The management model is changing, which in itself is a sign of preparation for accelerated transformation processes. And in such conditions, no arguments – even the most sensible level – play any role.

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