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Iniesta’s message about the coronavirus

Andrés Iniesta, a Spanish footballer from Vissel Kobe, sent support to the entire population of his country in the face of the crisis caused by the coronavirus through a video message in which he also asked that the recommendations to combat it be heeded. “I want to send a message of support, encouragement, and awareness in this very serious and complicated situation that we are experiencing during these weeks and these months,” he said. “Heed the protocols, the precautions, all the indications that the professionals are giving us, that we are seeing and reading. You have to be the most supportive in the world right now, “he added.

In this sense, he spoke of the importance of thinking as a group: “We must be consistent and consistent with what we do, with ourselves for all those around us. It is a social problem that concerns us all. ” Iniesta acknowledged that in the distance everything that happens follows: “As you know we live in Japan. Schools have been closed for weeks, we have been out on the streets as little as possible. Practically nothing. The situation seems to be normalizing although we continue with all the precautions in the world ”.

“To tell you that we are aware of everything that happens in Spain. We have all our relatives, all our friends, those of you who are going through this situation. We are aware at all hours of everything that is happening, “he added.

Finally he addressed those who are treating the disease: “I send you my support and a everlasting thanks to all the doctors, sanitarians, nurses, nurses and all the people who are working on it. ” “You get goosebumps seeing a lot of images and comments. Our thoughts are with you all ”, concludes the midfielder.


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