Wednesday, 12 Dec 2018

Injurious injuries of a 26 year old father whose nose was almost scratched during a street attack

A father's nose was almost cut off in a "traumatic" attack on a busy Cardiff road.

The 26-year-old needs 13 stitches after a provocative attack on City Road on November 10, the night of the Wales – Australia rugby match.

Police were called after the victim, who was bleeding profusely, met Tesco Express before being taken to the University Hospital of Wales.

It is believed that Mr. Pryce will be scarred for life by the vicious injury.

The nose of the 26-year-old girl was almost bitten

The South Wales police are now appealing from witnesses who could have seen the alleged assault.

An image of a CCTV film was released showing a suspect described as being white, aged 35 to 45, bald headed and Cardiff's accent.

The night of the incident, he was wearing jeans and a green parka. He was seen with two other men and a woman, who were not involved in the assault.

The suspect is reported to have recently left the public house of Roath Court where a DJ was playing that night.

The alleged aggressor has still not been identified by the police

The young father could be scarred for life as a result of the

Detective Sergeant Dan Sweeney of the South Wales Police said: "The victim, who was bleeding a lot, went to Tesco where the police were called.

"He was treated at Wales University Hospital in Cardiff and needed thirteen stitches.

"It's likely that he'll be branded for life."

"We call all witnesses of this traumatic incident to make themselves known and we particularly want to trace the men and women who were with the suspect."

Anyone with information is asked to contact the South Wales Police at 101 or the Scout anonymously on 0800 555 111 mentioning the event * 428580.


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