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Inside the Britney Spears conservatory and the #FreeBritney movement

Britney Spears hasn’t legally controlled her life and luck for 12 years and it looks like it won’t change soon.

On Tuesday, a Los Angeles county judge extended the singer’s tutelage until April 30, according to Sarah Guy for the International Business Times. It has not yet been decided whether the conservatory will end or be extended after that date, Guy wrote. The blast cited court documents that the people involved are working to figure out the best course of action for Spears.

The conservatory – a legal protection generally adopted for those who are unable to make their own decisions – was approved by the court in 2008 after Spears had several public mental collapses. The deal put his assets, financial assets and some personal assets under the control of his father and a lawyer.

Since its implementation, the conservatory has sparked much controversy among Spears fans. Some think it is controlled and manipulated, which fueled the #FreeBritney movement. But those close to Spears have told several media outlets over the years that the conservatory is meant to help the pop icon and that it is heavily involved in corporate decisions.

A Spears representative did not immediately respond to Business Insider’s request to comment on this story.

Here is a look inside the complex arrangement which is the Spears conservatory.

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