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Instagram stories in the future without the swipe-up function

The popular swipe-up function in Instagram stories will end on August 30th. Links must then be integrated differently.

We also use the swipe-up function for our stories on Instagram to link to our articles. With the swipe-up function it is possible to add links to external sites. But this will be discontinued on August 30th.

Replacement by “link sticker”

The swipe-up function is being replaced by so-called link stickers. The use of stickers is already familiar from creating stories. So far, you could, for example, mention other accounts, incorporate hashtags into the story, include locations or surveys.

For the future, this means that instead of “wiping up” you now have to click on the respective sticker to get to the linked page.

More creative control

Instagram explains that this new feature wants to give users “more creative control” when creating and designing their stories. In contrast to the swipe-up function, the link stickers can be optically changed.

Requirement for external links in stories

What will not change is who can even include links to external pages in their stories.
These are either users whose profile has been verified – recognizable by the blue tick in the profile. Or accounts with more than 10,000 followers.

Instagram is still in the process of evaluating whether even more users should receive this “privilege”. The update will “Help us determine if it is the right decision before expanding access to more people”an Instagram spokesperson told The Verge.

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