Insufficient protection against corona? Employees put pressure on Amazon

EIt was the afternoon of Good Friday when Emily Cunningham got a call from Human Resources in her current home office. She was informed that she was released with immediate effect. “Violations of internal guidelines” are the reason for this. The call lasted about a minute. And so suddenly Cunningham was no longer an employee of the online retailer Amazon after seven years. “I was shocked that Amazon would fire me,” she says in an interview with the F.A.Z. She is well aware that she was an uncomfortable employee.

Roland Lindner

She was at the head of an in-house protest movement that Amazon repeatedly criticized and called for strikes. The group, known as “Amazon Employees for Climate Justice”, has put pressure on the company to do more for climate protection and is pursuing various other concerns. Cunningham is surprised that Amazon has not separated from it before, but now. In the weeks before her dismissal, she and her group, which mainly includes employees in technical functions, sided with employees in distribution centers. Dozens of these colleagues who cannot switch to their home office have now contracted the corona virus, and Amazon has been accused of not doing enough for their safety. This led to strikes at some locations.


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