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Insults, threats, altercations: anti-lock students testify to the deleterious atmosphere that reigns in the facs

“Insults”, “threats” and “altercations”. Several students who have protested against the blockage of their university testify to the violence they feel they have suffered.

Campus of Rennes 2 University, Monday, April 16th. As she leaves the general assembly in progress, Julie is attacked by two masked men. “One of them grabbed my arm […] The other took me by the throat so hard that I kept marks for two hours. from college and treated me as facho ” , says the student to 20 minutes . If she was so caught up, it may be because Julie is a member of the Federation of General Student Associations (Fage), an organization opposed to blocking campuses against the reform of access to the university .

“There is a lot of violence between the pro and the anti-blockade, there are hot spots in many of them, but the general climate tends more and more towards that.” , laments one of the leaders of the Fage, Alexandra Gonzalez.

In Nantes in particular, the atmosphere is deleterious, according to several members of an organization of students interviewed by Franceinfo. “From the first general meetings, I was asked to leave” testifies Théo Combelle, president of InterAsso Nantes, an organization affiliated to the Fage. Invested against the blockage, he wants to take part in the debates organized on his campus. But soon he becomes persona non grata.

The remarks were not made in front of everyone, but at the exit, it takes me between four eyes: ‘This is your last AG and you have no interest in setting foot here, otherwise it will happen to you things’. Théo Combelle, President of InterAsso Nantes at franceinfo

The student says to have deposited a handrail. He gives up the amphis meetings for a while. Then decide to go back: “The atmosphere is heavy in the auditoriums, we are not serene, I had the ball in my stomach when I returned” .

A feeling that also knows Tristan Martins. He is also the head of a student association affiliated to the Fage. And he also said he faced some very strong critics. “There were little altercations, jostling and insults against members, once when we were going to get some material from the university, people were waiting for us in front of the college with iron bars.” If he says he did not identify the people “Hooded” who were expecting members of his association, he says they were “Referred” . “I do not want to discredit the movement, for me it was not students!” He also deposited a handrail “protect, but also the members of the association” .

“Insults, harassment … As soon as the members of the network set foot on the campus, they made remarks or pressure shots.” Théo Combelle is convinced that the fact that they belong to the Fage is fundamentally linked to the treatments they say they receive on campus. “Most of the union students are targeted because they went to the GA to express themselves”, He explains. Because the Fage, in addition to denouncing the blockages, has lent its support to the reform of access to the university .

We are affiliated with the Fage, so that sticks a label with ideas that are not necessarily ours. The positions on the ORE law are not those of all associations. It does not represent our personal ideas but there is an amalgam. Tristan Martins at franceinfo

Students also regret the insults that regularly come up against them: “As soon as we say we are against blocking, we are immediately told that it is because we are right or we are fachos”, is indignant Alexandra Gonzalez.

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