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Cacau was invited to the ZDF gym, and one of his greetings was: "I'm responsible for the simple topics." The former national player, 38, is Integration Commissioner of the German Football Association (DFB), it should go to the racism scandal in the European Championship qualifier match between Bulgaria and England and the salute gestures of Turkish national players who were imitators in German amateur football.

His sentence was meant ironically, it's rather complicated topics. But later there was another question in the room: what exactly is he in charge of the DFB?

Football A greeting that splits the football family

A greeting that splits the football family

In Munich's amateur football players with Turkish roots salute – and feel misunderstood. The association fears an escalation.By Andreas Liebmann

Cacau, born in Santo André, Brazil, was named DFB Integration Officer in 2016 after ending his career as a footballer. As such, he is on the road a lot, on podium discussions, at clubs in the country. As such, he said on Saturday about possible sanctions for the monkey sounds and Hitler greetings in the stadium in Sofia, one could think about point deductions. And he said about the Salut jubilation, which was interpreted as a commitment to the military deployment of Turkish forces in northern Syria, that football "should not be abused for ideologies."

In this particular case, Cacau did not speak with the players

Then he was asked if he had spoken with Mesut Özil or Ilkay Gündogan in 2018, after whose photo with the Turkish president, whether he had been involved in the handling of the scandal that triggered this photo? "Not at that time". And now, when Gundogan and Emre Can considered an Instagram image of the saluting Turkish international Cenk Tosun with a like, what they took back afterwards? "Not in the case now."

Cacau said he volunteered as a consultant, campaigning for a catalog of values. Unlike 2018, when the DFB was criticized for dealing with the debate, the association responded quickly to a post on social media.

Cacau, however, apparently had to remember his role. "I'm here, I want to be asked," he often said internally. But he did not want to be too critical. Already that there is an integration officer, show that you take the topic very seriously.

Football Championship

Racism in the European Championship qualification

"Nobody should experience what our players had to go through"

The racist incidents against English players at 6-0 in Bulgaria cause horror. Bulgarian coach Balakov is irritated – on pressure from the government resigns the head of the association.By Sven Haist

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