Thursday, 13 Dec 2018

Intel already buries the connected glasses project vaunt

The connected glasses of Intel, presented in February 2017, will never be marketed. The company closes the subsidiary responsible for their implementation, thus putting an end to the Vaunt project.

A few months ago, Intel unveiled his connected glasses . The object was then a rare feature among tech companies trying to find a place in the sector. Indeed, these glasses looked normal – understand, their mount was confused without trouble with a pair for corrective purposes.

However, their features say ” intelligent Were still limited. We now know that the project will simply not see the light of day. On April 18, 2018, the company announced that it was terminating New Devices Group (NDG), its subsidiary that had been responsible for producing the item.

The Verge

Vaunt will not be sold

This cessation leads to the end of the “Vaunt” project. According to our colleagues The Information the closure of the subsidiary may also result in layoffs among the team of about 200 people.

Intel is continually working on new technologies and experiences. All of this does not lead to the development of a product that we choose to sell. The Superlight project (Vault’s code name) is an example of Intel’s development of truly differentiated augmented reality eyewear for the general public. “Wrote the company in a statement .

Intel did not specify how the company intended to sell its product. Other companies continue to invest in the connected glasses market, as Bose recently announced augmented reality glasses .

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