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Interesting facts about the popular comedy I enjoy the world with you. What did the actors do between the shootings and which of the child actors broke his arm while filming? | Company News Budějcká Drbna

Who doesn’t know Marie Poledňáková’s popular family comedy I enjoy the world from you with you in 1982. Legendary announcements from the film about three fathers who take their children to the mountains are known to young and old. However, few people know that one of the children broke his arm during the filming, or the fact that the director heard the subject of the film at a party where several men talked about the family expedition.

The cottage was located in the Giant Mountains, not in the Beskydy Mountains

Although the film largely takes place in the Beskydy Mountains, it was shot in Prague, the Jeseníky Mountains and the Krkonoše Mountains in Dolní Dvůr. Pepa (Pavel Novotný) ran out of the Giant Mountains on a girl’s trip at night and ran all the way to Karlova Sttudánka, which is in fact more than 180 kilometers away.

On the hill where the cottage stood, just before the shooting, about a meter and a half of snow fell. The snow from the cottage slid and the director stuck forty bottles of champagne into it so that he would no longer move. And since in fact there were only a few trees in front of the cottage and the director wanted more of them there, they brought cut spruces in front of the cottage, which they then planted in the ground only in appearance.

Satin barely played in comedy

Not enough and another actor would get the role of Albert. The director doubted that Július Satinský would be able to handle physically demanding tasks. However, Václav Postránecký assured her that Satinský had in the past cooperated externally with the Mountain Service in the High Tatras.

All actors were forbidden to drink alcohol during the filming of Poledňáková. She always checked to see if they had a bottle with them. They solved it by hiding the alcohol in the children’s backpack.

The film was originally titled with the subtitle I enjoy the world with you or a trap for men.

The actors spent their free time during the filming in various ways. Václav Postránecký (Michal) read, Pavel Nový (Pepa) practiced and ran, and Július Satinský (Albert) drank a bottle of pine tree daily. He poured black spices into it due to stomach problems. Marie Poledňáková wrote the role of Kateřina Horáková directly on Jana Šulcová’s body. And the scene where Jana Šulcová falls into the waste pipe was filmed for three days.

Vondráčková also took over Studénková’s choreography

During the filming, Zdena Studénková came up with a specific choreography for the song Sladké mámení, which she took on so much that it was then taken over by the singer Helena Vondráčková, who sang the song. Vondráčková lent her voice to Studénková in singing and was acted upon by the actress Naďa Konvalinková in the non-singing scenes.

Eliška Balzerová’s real husband also starred in the film, twice. The first time he played a suffering patient, who is being massaged by Balzer, and the second time he doubled Satinsky in scenes where he was skiing (they had to stuff him out for authenticity), because Satinsky could not ski at all.

The carriage with Matýsek really drove down the hill

The representative of little Dášenka broke her arm during the scene with the kadibudka and wore the plaster up to her shoulder for two and a half months. The crew experienced other hard moments when the pram with Matýsk really drove down the hill and caught it in the woods. During the filming, the pram was already holding a rope, similar to a canoe on which tobogganing.

Two and a half million viewers saw the film in cinemas. The film won the “The Most Successful Czech Comedy of the Century” poll awarded on the occasion of the centenary of Czech cinema.

Although Pepíno and Dášenka experienced a child’s love in the film, their children’s characters didn’t really like each other, and they always started washing off the camera when they were together. Over time, the children’s actors also complained about the scene where they bathed naked in the cottage, as their classmates at school mocked them for a long time.

The brecek reaction was spontaneous

In the scene where Pepa (Pavel Nový) wipes Pepin’s ass with a spruce twig, he actually wiped it with a spruce branch. So the groan reaction was spontaneous, not fictional.

The director Marie Poledňáková listened to the subject of the film at a party, where several men talked about a joint winter expedition.

Among the children’s actors was the oldest representative of Bertík, who was nine years old at the time of filming. Originally, however, he did not want to come to the audition at all, his parents convinced him and he was still frowning. The director originally wanted twins for the role of little Matýsk for sure. In the end, she chose not even two-year-old Lukáš Pelánek. His parents told him that Matýsek was him when he was seven. Pepín impressed at the audition with his spaciousness, they chose Dášenka mainly because of her nice singing and constant smile. After filming the scene where Dášenka (Zuzana Gutheisová) is walking in the snow in slippers, the little actress had to start taking antibiotics.

Dášenka, Bertík and Matýsek still meet Jana Šulcová. However, Kačenka moved to France and is said to have entered the sect. Pepino is said to be avoiding his former colleagues.


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