Saturday, 17 Nov 2018

Internet reacts to “Iron Fist” Season 2 SDCC Footage

Marvel Studios can not be the host of a large H Hall panel in San Diego Comic-Con 2018, but Marvel Netflix represents at the SDCC with the first trailer of Season 2 Iron Fist – as well as The Iron Fist Season 1 remains the most controversial entry into the Marvel Netflix lineup: critics have shredded it, but fans have been more lenient, seeing the potential of the series if it was longer. production schedule and improved sequences of martial arts. So what kind of impression is this first movie? Read below for the distribution of the Internet reaction to the trailer Iron Fist season 2 and release date teaser:

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Here is a little more info on what comes out of #SDCC concerning Iron Fist Season 2:

Slide 2 of 11 The Easy Sale

These are the fans that do not require any kind of marketing budget or campaign promotional. Marvel and Netflix can just drop dates, and they're on board!

Slide 3 of 11 The Hopeful

This represents fans who believe in Iron Fist Season 2 – provided that certain key conditions are fulfilled.

Slide 4 of 11 The Hate

Haters will hate, and you should already know that Iron Fist season 2 would bring out the trolls …

Slide 5 of 11 #FistFAIL

Not surprisingly, some fans were not at all moved by what They saw in Iron Fist Season 2 SDCC Footage.

Slide 6 of 11 YAWN

As always, there are those for whom zero F is given on the subject to Main (see what I did there?).

Slide 8 of 11 Days of Present Future

What does it mean – it comes to mess up the message so perfectly. Who knows? We could look at the current and future course of fan opinion regarding Iron Fist Season 2 …

Slide 9 of 11 What people really want

After Luke Cage season 2 demonstrated the impressive and growing potential of a show Heroes for Hire fans want to keep a good thing!

Slide 10 of 11 Marvel BS

Marvel failed yet another test to be awakened by Marvel fans :

Slide 11 of 11 F ** k Batman

This is so great but we like it for how many time it is with the recent controversy on the first trailer of the TV series Titans of DC. The war of flames of Marvel / DC is unquenchable!


What do do you think footage of Season 2 Iron Fist ? Let us know in the comments!

The first season of Iron Fist 2 on Netflix on September 7th. Season 3 of Punisher and Daredevil are currently in production; Jessica Jones season 3 has been announced.

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