February 14, 2020

Newsy Today


Internet: Rouennais launch out in pursuit of Google Drive and WeTransfer

The digital world is monopolized by multinationals. The field of file transfer is no exception with leaders such as WeTransfer (Netherlands) or Google Drive (United States). Like the Qwant search engine developed in part in Petit-Quevilly (Seine-Maritime), Bertrand Bordage set out to conquer the digital world with Norishare, a data transfer platform.

The founder of the NoriPyt agency in Rouen is based in the Village by CA and since 2015, he has been working on websites, creating software and software packages, data visualization and also recently launched a billing tool called Norinvoice.

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It is at the request of his customers that he imagines Norishare. Bertrand Bordage knows his competitors very well and immediately wished to respond to specific expectations: “we can send with our system most file formats even old ones up to 500 MB without compression and they will be kept for 14 days. Then, it is simple to use by drag and drop or in two clicks. The design platform is accessible on computers and smartphones. And its big plus vis-à-vis others is the viewing of files. You can consult the file received before downloading it ”, explains the founder.

The other argument put forward by Bertrand Bordage is respect for privacy, because "Norishare does not ask for any account, therefore no possibility of having one's email address or password hacked. There is no tracking or advertising. And then, even if we think about new features and a paid version for large accounts, it's 100% free ”. For the rest, the geek wants to “stay on a human scale. It brings me customers and is a plus for our image ”.