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Internet sensation A. Jakimavičius on the work behind the scenes: I had to hear incredible rumors about myself.

According to A. Jakimavičius, he has been creating content for almost a decade. With a lot of action, the opinion maker does not hide that it is always strange for him when his loyal followers, who watched every moment of his life, grow up with him.

“I’ve been creating content for about ten years now and it’s really surreal when you realize that some of my followers have grown up with me. It happened many times that my peers come to me in the city and show me a photo taken 5-7 years ago, when they were 12-14 years old, and now they have grown up,” says A Jakimavičius.

And while these moments, according to the opinion maker, are very beautiful, they are just a part of what a well-known person has to go through. According to A. Jakimavičius, the other side of the coin shines with undeserved criticism, which the creator has learned to look at with a smile.

You have to deal not only with criticism, but also with rumors

The opinion maker does not hide that he has heard a lot of false information about himself. And although ruthless criticism or rumors are rare, at the beginning of his career, A. Jakimavičius took some time to learn to laugh at himself and not waste energy on people’s negative retorts or lies.

“When I broke up with my second half a couple of years ago, it was written and discussed on the Internet, forums and various pages that Antanas broke up because he is gay. Even if it is not true, it was very funny to be see what people were saying. Indeed, many people really support and write a nice word, but criticism or negative comments have always been and will always be. It took me about five years to realize that it is impossible to love and please everyone ,” says the content creator.

According to the interviewer, although over the years he learned to put up with jokes, the beginning of his career was difficult for him. According to A. Jakimavičius, it is not easy to come with negative emotions, many times he wanted to quit smoking, but his great passion for creating videos and messages of support from his followers encouraged him not to give up.

positive equipment is important for quality content

As noted, it is his audience and long-term followers that encourage the creation and development of an internet star more. The interviewer says that he shared his personal life on social networks for a long time, so fans remember even the smallest details about him. These devotion of followers, their positivity, as the creator claims, motivates him to improve more and more.

“I’m very grateful to have this opportunity to create and grow with my followers, so I’m always trying to learn new things, whether it’s acting, filming or editing skills.” I try to invest in and constantly update my equipment so that I can provide the audience with the best possible product. Since my job requires me to always have my phone in my hand and keep track of everything, it’s normal for me to have to upgrade it to make it faster, with a better and more practical camera. For this reason, I have now the latest “S23 Ultra”, says A. Jakimavičius.

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