Interview with Merkel: France must "play the card of Germany", says Woerth (LR)

France must "play the card of Germany", otherwise "things will go wrong for Europe," said Thursday the MP LR Eric Woerth the day after an interview with Angela Merkel evoking "confrontations" with Emmanuel Macron.

Republican campaign manager for the European elections, Geoffroy Didier, on his part worried about Public Sénat that the attitude of Emmanuel Macron, who "often gives a lot of moral lessons" to his partners, "the isolated on the international scene ", and pleaded for the German model to be" source of inspiration "for France, especially on the issue of working time.

"It is not right to insist on what is angry," said Eric Woerth, in an interview with the Opinion. "On the contrary we must continue to (…) play the map of Germany.If we do not play the map of Germany, things will go wrong for Europe," said the former Minister of Budget , noting that "we do not advance on many issues" as the convergence of taxation.

Noting that the relations within the Franco-German couple have "never been a long calm river" but have been "in the extremely positive continuity (ves), which leads Europe", he described as "enough strange "the relationship between Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron.

On the left, the LFI deputy of North Adrien Quatennens on the contrary qualified on France 2 Emmanuel Macron of "good zealous pupil of Mrs Merkel in Europe: it does not defend as clearly the interests of the French as Mrs Merkel defends the German interests", has he judged.

In an interview published by several European dailies including the Süddeutsche Zeitung and Le Monde, Angela Merkel admitted to having a "conflictual relationship" with Emmanuel Macron, evoking "differences of mentality" between her and the French president and "differences in (their ) understanding of roles ".

But she denied any deterioration of relations.

Emmanuel Macron reacted by saying that he did not believe in "sterile confrontation or sterile agreement" with Angela Merkel, but in "fruitful confrontation" in order to "build a compromise" at the European level.

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