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Inul Daratista succeeded in losing 30 kg of weight, these are the bread tips

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Monday, August 14, 2023 06:00 WIB


Being a public figure is not easy, Mom. Some of the celebrities admit that maintaining the posture in order to keep the attention of the public.

This was also carried by former singer Inul Daratista. It is known that the mother of a child maintains a healthy diet in order to maintain an ideal body weight.

This 44-year-old woman admitted that she experienced a jump in her weight, reaching 85 kilograms after giving birth to her first child, Mother. Through the recovery period and breastfeeding, she continues to try to get her body back to its original shape.

Postpartum weight gain can be a natural thing that is often experienced by some mothers. This can happen for many reasons.

Slow, steady postpartum weight loss requires a combination of healthy eating, postpartum exercise, and a lot of patience.

He admits that there is a special diet and intense exercise that is undertaken to lose weight. Not only that, Inul also had time to reveal some of the foods he avoided consuming in certain types of foods he could eat.

5 ways to diet Inul Daratista

So you are curious about how this one sworddut managed to lose 30 kilograms of weight? Come on, look at these tips.

1. Do not eat meat

Launch from the page detikcom, In order to reduce his fat and calorie intake, Inul admitted that he stopped consuming red meat. In her daily diet, Inul chooses to consume more plant-based and low-calorie foods.

As you also know, the calorie and fat content of beef is really high, Mom. Therefore, some diets suggest reducing the consumption of beef and if possible you need to stop it.

Excessive consumption of beef not only affects calories and fat, but also interferes with the health of the body almost as a whole.

2. Rarely eat rice

Inul also admits that he rarely eats rice. This is because rice has high levels of glucose and carbohydrates.

Since she gave birth to her first son, Inul engaged in weight loss. The intensity of consumption of white rice is also reduced.

Carbohydrate intake is cut and replaced with healthier, fiber-rich food sources. Inul admits that he tends to prefer vegetables and fruits to replace his rice consumption.

3. Avoid salty, sweet, and too sour

Inul also avoids these three tastes in his diet, Mother. Foods that are too salty are recommended by experts to reduce consumption. This is because salt can disrupt the body’s fluid balance to shrink blood vessels leading to the heart and cardiovascular health.

In addition, many people still do not realize that sweet foods have high hidden calories. Consuming sugar and artificial sweeteners can actually increase the calorie level of sweet foods.

For some adults, consuming acidic food also needs attention because the effect can trigger citric acid to reduce bone density.

4. Do not eat fast food

Inul admits that he no longer eats fast food. This is because high calories will certainly hinder weight loss efforts.

Instead, he prefers to eat tofu and tempeh cooked on his own. Inul, who has a hobby of cooking, tries as much as possible to eat the healthiest food she makes at home.

5. Consumption of native chicken eggs

Free range eggs are known as a healthy choice of eggs. This is because eggs have higher protein than chicken energy. Inul also prefers to eat free-range chicken eggs because the food provided by free-range chickens is recognized as more natural.

So these are some of the Inul Daratista-style diets that mothers can follow to lose weight, especially after giving birth. Hopefully useful, yes, Mother.

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